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Starting nursery

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Andrea157 Sun 18-Sep-11 01:21:27

Hi Folks,

I'm a first time mum. My little girl who is 2 years old is about to start nursery in a few days time and I'm feeling rather nervous about visiting the nursery (I've been told that it's a nice wee place), but still feel apprehensive, which I know may sound silly to everyone. I've got a few questions prepared but was wondering if there are any particularly immensely important questions that I should be asking - I don't want to overlook anything. Any feed back would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks,
Andrea x

cheekeymonkey Sun 18-Sep-11 15:56:23

You need to know what staff to child ratio is.
What kind of food they will be giving your child?.
What kind of settling in proceedures do they have?
How the day is broken up, do they just play or are there special topics or classes they do such as languages, yoga etc.
What their policies are on anything you are concerned about such as food allergies, behaviour management, special requirements etc.
You need to see indoor and outdoor play areas.
Toilet policy and toilet training policies.
Sickness policies.
Parents information and reports on your child's day including what they have eaten.
To be honest they will probably tell you all this without you asking but always good to be prepared.
Ask them when last ofsted was done and if they have copy, these tell you a lot.

Andrea157 Sun 18-Sep-11 20:35:37

Thank you so much for all the informative info cheekymonkey - I had a few questions that I had in mind, but thanks to you I'll have much more to take with me - I'm very grateful and I appreciate you posting so quickly.

A xx

DialMforMummy Sun 18-Sep-11 21:06:14

When I saw DS's nursery for the first time, I knew it was the one. And boy it is! It's clean and staff are lovely. My 11 months boy loves going there and us even in love with one of the workers envy
My advice is visit a few and you'll know when it's right.
Policies and Osfted reports are alright but the contact you have with the people and the feel you have for the place are paramount.

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