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Nursery sold over summer and Ofsted have it listed as closed!

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GoldysMum Fri 02-Sep-11 09:05:50

my daughter was /is due to start a lovely nursery next week that is/was listed as outstanding in every category. It has been sold to new owners during the summer holidays and is now listed as closed on Ofsted's website. However all communication from new management suggests it is reopening as planned next week - it was brought to their attention that they were listed as closed yesterday as they hadn't been aware of it. Does anyone know if it will be a big deal to be reinstated with ofsted - I imagine if it isn't then the children won't be able to start next week?

namning Fri 02-Sep-11 20:27:00

OFSTED will need to reissue an inspection certificate. The business is not legal until that is issued to the nursery. Ask to see it before you leave your child!!!

givemushypeasachance Sun 04-Sep-11 20:28:35

If the registered provider changes - so if company or individual A has sold the nursery business to company or individual B - then a whole new registration would be required.

It generally takes months to sort out a new nursery registration since the providers have to have things like CRB and social services checks, references followed up, interviews and visits to the premises. If the new owners already own another nursery then they'd be on the Ofsted system and would have had the checks done once, which would speed up the process, but otherwise it could all take a while.

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