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AIBU? Drawing pins in toddler room.

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chickling Thu 18-Aug-11 15:26:11

Just had my DS 'settling in' session at daycare. Straight away I noticed that the little tables were missing corner protectors. The staff said they had more but hadn't got round to sticking them on. When I collected DS, the protectors had been stuck on with U-HU and the kids were pulling them off. Then I saw a drawing pin on the floor and handed it to a member of staff who explained that it must've fallen off the notice board (Duh!)
Should I mention these things? If so, how often? My fear of being a fussy parent is being trampled by my concern for safety. I would expect them to be a little more on the ball.
The place is brand new and lovely but maybe it's all-fur-coat-and-no-knickers.

chelen Thu 18-Aug-11 16:21:10

If it doesn't fit your personal standards of safety prevention, prob best to move your children.

You can't keep nagging - its their job and you need to be able to trust them. They shoudln't be using drawing pins in a toddler room at all IMO.

babybouncer Sat 20-Aug-11 18:29:06

Always mention it, but do so with a smile.

I would feel reassured that having mentioned something in the morning, it was sorted out by the afternoon. I agree that a drawing pin on the floor is not good, but it is unlikely to cause serious harm. Having said that, if you're really upset about anything at a nursery, go and talk to the management.

cookielove Sun 21-Aug-11 17:07:08

This a complete bug bear of mine and i work in a nursery, the drawing pin thing, i have a work colleague who uses them and it drives me crazy.

The corner covers for the table i find odd, we don't use them but then are corners are rounded anyway.

yellowsubmarine41 Tue 30-Aug-11 22:22:29

"the protectors had been stuck on with U-HU and the kids were pulling them off"

Exactly, those protector things actually invite kids to take more interest than they usually would in corners.

I would feel reassured that my feedback had been taken on board, though wouldn't be impressed with the drawing pin. It's very early days to form a rounded impression though.

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