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Teddies West Hampstead

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Emmaharper23 Fri 12-Aug-11 11:20:15

I went to view Teddies on Monday,
i was blown away by how friendly the staff were and the children seemed very happy and content. I was there for over 1 hour being shown and explained everything in detail. I felt very welcomed and was able to share my concerns about leaving my child for the first time. i felt very reasured and out of all the nurseries i have seen (Active learning.Happy Child) Teddies was the best. I was also able to speak with a parent of a child who has attended Teddies for three years she explained that they have achievevd so much in the past year and you can clearly see this by how happy the children and staff were. My only negative comment would be that the building could do with a paint smile

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