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swearing at nursery

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cookieface Thu 11-Aug-11 18:28:01

I have to confess that we are not angels about this at home, but since my DD has started a new nursery there have been several instances at home where we've had to reprimand her language. Her response being that they are funny words.

I've now had the nursery ask us to mind our manners!

We never had this problem before and I'm not convinced that she isn't getting this from some very lively children in the new place (it seems to be a bit 'full on' and less structured than our old nursery).

Help what do i do?

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Thu 11-Aug-11 21:05:57

It's possible it's come from another child but also if you can't say hand on heart you don't swear then you can't really be sure its not come from you.

How old is she?

cookielove Thu 11-Aug-11 21:13:56

How old is she? i work in a day nursery and we have a few swearers through the doors, over the years. Anything younger than 3 we tend to ignore (although inform the parents), if it was repeated several times throughout the day, we would probably tell the child that we don't use that word, we often tell them that we don't say the word naughty.

We had a 2 year old recently, who learnt 'fuck', and 'shit' from her father he admitted it was him, and that mum was really cross. She went through a really bad phase of saying it all the time, also she told us to 'shut up' we ignored it all and it gradually stopped, but ever occasionally she would still say it.

So depending on the age it depends what you would do!

cookieface Fri 12-Aug-11 08:15:02

Thanks for your comments. My DD is just over 3. It has only started since she joined the new nursery but that also coincides with a new house, being away from her old friends. So I suspect there are more issues that just us and the other kids at daycare.
When I've reprimmanded her and told her it is a bad word, her response has been "No it's not, it's a funny word". Where she got that from I have no idea.

She has also got quite agressive / bossy (verbally) with children in playgrounds and new friends we are trying to introduce her to. Around her old friends and older children she is delightful but she is seems to think that she has to fight for her space in new situations.

Obviously we will have to be very careful what we say around her from now on (ears on elastic).

Any suggestions as to how we can stop it, and raise the issue with the nursery would be great.

cookielove Fri 12-Aug-11 17:34:08

ick i just wrote a really long post and it was lost

What you could say to the nursery is that you are concerned that your daughter has picked up some bad language from somewhere and that you would like the nursery to work with you to getting your daughter to stop.

I assume since you have spoken to your daughter about it, you could ask the nursery what there policy is, if that is enough for you great, if you would like them to follow your lead even better, i am sure they will. They could either tell her not to use that language because it is not nice/bad/inappropriate, or ignore it your choice.

Lots of little girls are very bossy, i suspect your dd moving to a different nursery is attempting to find her place, you say she is fine with her old peers, that is probably due to the fact that she already has a secure place in that group. Now when she enters the new nursery and you play situations she is not so sure and is just trying to find her feet.

When often tell our little bossy girls that they need to listen to the other children, that they are not to shout at others, and that other children have feelings to and to think about how they feel when they are told what to do, if that all fails a little time playing separately from each other usually works.

ok going to attempt to post this, if it fails again i have copied it fingers crossed smile

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