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Cost of creche

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rewardgirl Mon 01-Aug-11 14:35:21

Hello lovely ladies
I am thinking of adding a creche facility to my lovely children's toy and sweet shop, but can't seem to find information on competitor's pricing anywhere.
We already offer fun music and arts sessions but would like to offer the parents/guardians the chance to leave the children with us for an hour or so while they get chores done, do the shopping, go to the gym etc. We would cater for ages 3-8 for up to 2 hours a day (in order to avoid needing to be Ofsted registered, for now).
Please can you advise whether you think that £10-15 an hour would be in the right ballpark (SW London)? Am thinking that £15 would be the highest price with discounts given for siblings, block bookings etc.
Thanks in advance for your help! xx

Avantia Mon 01-Aug-11 17:57:04

Surely its easy enough to find competitors pricing - you phone and ask on basis you want to brig your child there - little white lie perhaps.

I think 10 -15 per hour is steep for a creche .

More like £5 per hour .

Avantia Mon 01-Aug-11 17:59:58

Also you have a customer base already so seek out what they would pay and how much they pay now for a creche .

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