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Bank Holidays and Fees

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littlemisstax Fri 22-Jul-11 15:28:27

Does anyone have any experience challenging the fee policy for Bank Holidays?

My daughter has just started at nursery three days a week, including Mondays. I specifically asked the nursery before signing her up (and agreeing my working pattern with work) that bank holidays were not paid for (I do have an e-mail showing this, but I think the person who sent it has now left the company).

I've received her first bill, and queried it as there is no deduction for bank holidays. The response is that we have to pay for bank holidays, even though they are shut.

Has anyone managed to argue that they shouldn't have to pay? I know that they have to pay the staff, but I don't see that it is fair that I have to pay more than a parent who uses nursery Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; and also don't think I should have to pay when they told me I didn't.

princesbold Fri 22-Jul-11 17:35:09

As a nursery operator (outstanding) I do not understand the need to do this. Your fees for the time you are there should cover this. This is poor practice, they are only interested in your money.

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