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Gift for keyworker as DS moving into the next stage/room?

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webminx Mon 18-Jul-11 11:29:30

DS goes to lovely nursery. His keyworker and the teamleader in the "baby room" are both great. He'll be moving up to the toddler room in September. I'd like to get both the keyworker and the team leader a small gift to say thank you. They go above and beyond (we moved DS from another nursery to this one, so are keenly aware of the big difference a good carer can make), speak of DS with genuine affection and he adores both of them.
Is it ok to get them a small gift (don't want to make them uncomfortable!) And if so, would a mug/nice handcream/bath stuff/chocs be ok? Or a gift voucher preferable?
Thanks for any ideas/thoughts!

mellowcat Tue 19-Jul-11 21:03:21


I was a keyworker in a baby room for many years. Any of those gifts sound lovely and they would not feel at all uncomfortable. Chocs are nice because they can be shared amongst the team if the keyworker chooses. Handmade cards are my favourite and the nicest gift I ever received was a single flower picked by the mum and baby on their way into nursery so please don't feel you need to spend a lot - it's the thought that you are valued and appreciated that counts the most.

ThePippy Wed 20-Jul-11 10:59:19

webminx when my DD moved up from the baby room I bought all 3 workers in the room a small gift bag that I had filled with small items, including a funky necklace from Fat Face, a small "solid" perfume from body shop, a chocolate heart shape lolly from Hotel Chocolat, and some bath oil beads. They each had their own bag and there was a joint card in which I wrote a short poem that was intended to look like it was penned by my DD to them to say thanks. It all seemed to go down really well and didn't cost the earth - certainly cost a lot less that the time and affection they had shown my DD was worth.

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