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Should I move DD to a new nursery

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Bambinocino Thu 30-Jun-11 14:32:35

DD, age 3, has been at nursery 2-3 days per week since age 1. Last year the nursery closed its provision for children 3 and over, so we have found a place for her at another local nursery. Now the original nursery has announced it will keep children past 3 years, so DD can stay there if we want her to. But it doesn't offer the 15 hrs free, which means it will cost twice as much to keep her there as it would to move her. That would mean that I'll keep basically none of my salary when I go back to work.

I really love the new nursery, it's a Montessori nursery that seems really well run with small classes and lots of outdoor space. It also has a nice seeming baby room for DS when he turns 1 and I go back to work.

But I'm concerned about the impact on DD of a move, it would only be for a year as she's summer born and will be starting school in 2012 - so lots of disruption. She's very sensitive to changes around home - eg recent renovations, builders around etc seem to have upset her quite a bit. I can't decide whether to pay double and keep her settled, or move her to a cheaper and quite possibly better place. Any thoughts much appreciated.

Poogles Thu 30-Jun-11 14:52:19

We moved locations last year and had to move DS's nursery in April before he started school in the September. He coped with both changes really well. To be honest, I think the change was for the best as he had been at his original nursery since 9 months and needed a new challenge (was becoming bored). I think it's us parents who understand change that worry more than the children!

You may also find that if she starts at the new place at the same time as your DS, she might rise to the challenge of Big Sis beign brave & srong for her brother!

Bambinocino Fri 01-Jul-11 14:18:45

Thanks very much Poogles, that's reassuring. The more I think about it the more I'm inclined to move DD, think it could be a change for the better.

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