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Recommendations on nursery in South Manchester: running out of time

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SpareRoomSleeper Wed 29-Jun-11 13:22:47

Hi all,

Desperately need to find a nursery for DD (2.3) for september as Im going back to Uni to get my pgce. The process has been delayed due to death in the family. And Im now being advised to be quick as all good nurseries have waiting lists? Is that correct?

DD will be 2.6 exactly in September and has never been in childcare before. Ive looked around St Marys Kids unlimited in Hulme, and Early years nursery school in Didsbury. But as I dont really "know" anyone" who have kids there, I dont feel entirely satisfied, and Im having my doubts about KU nurseries in general after reading posts on here.

So where to now?

NeilsBoar Wed 29-Jun-11 13:36:17

Our DS (2.3) is at Kids Allowed Cheadle Hulme, we and he love it there - it is expensive but we felt it was less expensive than it should have been given the difference between it and other nurseries (or the others were over-priced depending on how you look at it...)

He's been there since 9 months old and we've been impressed with; the purpose built building with lots for our DS to do, the fact all the children look happy the majority of the time (arriving to hear crying babies is very unusual), that they're sensible when it comes to illness/loose nappies, that the food is good and there seems to be very low staff turnover.

But most of all our DS is happy there and runs in ahead of us in the mornings because he wants to be there...

nomorelostweekends Wed 29-Jun-11 21:19:20

DD goes to Elm Cottage in Heaton Norris. Have previously used childminders and generally was less enthusiastic about a nursery, but they have won me over smile. Lovely atmosphere, staff that really seem to care and are pleased to see DD each day, lots of cuddles and a bit of toddler chaos thrown in. They have a brilliant outside area which DD loves. Its probably the most expensive in the area, but not excessive and it has good staffing levels, so am happy with knowing that's probably where its going.

Mandy21 Fri 01-Jul-11 12:54:59

"South Manchester" is quite a big area. Is there anywhere in particular you were thinking of?

Fennel Fri 01-Jul-11 13:00:41

If you are going to be at Mcr Uni or MMU, have you tried the Mcr uni nursery? My dc went there and it was fantastic.
I think there's often quite a waiting list but worth a try.

Kidybabyboom Fri 08-Jul-11 20:52:07

Kids allowed all the way... Check out the roof top garden!

Frolie Sat 09-Jul-11 22:42:27

'Bright Eyes' in Whalley Range. My friend sent both her children there, as have other friends. They rate the nursery very highly. I'm viewing it next week for my baby. Good luck and try not to panic with the timescale. I'm sure they'll be places available. Also, 'Honey Bears' in Whalley Range is meant to be good.

ladybirdpoppy Sun 10-Jul-11 21:58:54

My DS age 4 also goes to Kids Allowed at Cheadle, been there full time since he was 8 months old. It has an excellent OFSTED rating, compared to other nursery fees it is on the high end but you get what you pay for, the facilities are excellent such a sensory room, music room, studio, library, each room has its own garden dedicated for their own age range. All the staff are so friendly and well looked after by the management staff , really motivated and caring and very approachable. My DS goes out on days trips when the children are doing project such as to museums for dinosaurs, local park to learn about autumn and hibernation, local garden centre when they were learning about plants and how they grow. More often than not I can't get him out of the building at home time. Both DS and I have been so happy there. Why not book a showround with them? I will quite sad when he leaves in August as everyone has played a huge happy part in both of our lives ......

Nicocacola Wed 27-Jul-11 19:24:35

another one recommending Kids Allowed! There's one at Cheadle and at Didsbury (christie fields) and they are a fantastic nursery chain smile

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