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DD1 2.11 having problems adjusting to Pre-School in private nursery

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MrsBloomingTroll Thu 23-Jun-11 22:18:54

DD1 is about to move up to the "Pre-School" class in her private nursery, which she attends 3 full days a week. Until now she has thrived at nursery and turned into a confident, sociable, but sensitive little girl. (She started at 6 months when I went back to work part-time.)

She turns 3 next month and is spending more and more time in the Pre-School class, where she is due to move at the start of July. But she doesn't like it. She's been acting up all week, crying when going into nursery, wanting to stay at home etc. This afternoon I sat down with her and had a quiet chat and she whispered to me that she doesn't like Pre-School, wants to stay in her old class, and (more worryingly) that she doesn't like her new key worker and one of the other teachers, although she won't say why. She also says she doesn't like some of the bigger children in there - who will all be off to infant school soon anyway.

I don't want to overreact (I am not working at the moment and could just have her at home with me) but I also want to take her worries seriously and do what I can to help. DH and I have agreed to each spend some quiet time with her over the next few days to see if she will expand on her concerns and tell us if anything specific has happened to make her upset. I am as certain as I can be that there is no abuse going on (MrsBT stops herself from reading DM online). I plan to talk to the nursery on Monday.

DD1 did say that she enjoys playing with her group of close (mostly female) friends and most of them are already in the new class, so I'm hoping that will be the incentive for her to settle down and enjoy herself.

FYI, the child:staff ratio (I believe) changes from 4:1 to 8:1 once she's in Pre-School. And FWIW, the nursery is small and (so far) excellent. I have spoken to other mums who have all had some issues with their children moving, but no serious concerns.

Lastly, I am particularly worried as I am 33 weeks pregnant with DC2 and DC2 will be born just after DD1's transition to the new class, which might make it worse! Might it help to keep her in her old class until the older kids have gone to infant school?

Does anyone have any similar experiences, words of advice, comfort, suggestions, etc? Sorry this is long!

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