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Childcare summer rates.

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minnowpea Wed 22-Jun-11 19:00:54

Hi all,

Would like some opinion on the astronomical summer childcare bill I just received.

2 children, they go 4 days per week after school - I pay £538 per month.

The policy of the facility is that in summer, whether they go or not, we pay full rate. Then, if they actually want to attend, I pay £30 per day over and above the normal rate (ie. if they go for 10 days in July, thats £810).

I got hammered last summer and said I'd just leave them in for their normal hours over this summer, as I simply can't afford to pay any more. Childcare said no, because they'd be off on trips and so only full days are possible. Therefore it was suggested that they attend on 2 full days instead of the normal 4 half days.

I thought this was agreed and, all in all, they are only in for about 10 days all in over the whole summer holidays (which are 9 weeks in Northern Ireland - they would normally be in for 36 afternoons during this time period at term time).

But I've just had a bill for £630 for July and £720 for August!! Am incandescent with rage!

They say 'but that's the way everyone does it'.. by way of excuse. Is that really true??

If I don;t pay, they say the kids will lose their place for next year.. I'm thoroughly fed up with being held over a barrel like this - the thing is, the kids really love it there and it is a good standard of care.

nurseryvoice Wed 22-Jun-11 19:25:17

That is very steep! Are the school children in the same room/ using the same facility as the under fives? reason I ask is if they dont have a separate room for the kids club children this will be why they charge full price as they are taking up a place which could be used.
But...... the prices you have said are unbelievable.
At my setting i have separate rooms and have a self contained kids club.
I charge £6 for after school which is paid for term time only.
In holidays parents book as and when they need at a cost of £18 a day...
I would ring round a few other settings in your area and see what they charge.

HSMM Thu 23-Jun-11 21:39:10

You could maybe use a Childminder, or an aupair?

Mandy21 Fri 24-Jun-11 10:40:23

That sounds very steep to me too. I know the Irish way is very different in lots of ways, but I'm assuming your children are school age? Is it a nursery (i.e. a private nursery) or an after school club?

My children go to an after school club (on the school grounds but run by a separate company) 2 days a week, which also offers a holiday club. We only have to pay for the after school club during term time (because by defiition, its an after school club - it only operates during term time!!). If we want to use the holiday club, then we pay for that up front (about £45 a day!).

There is no "threat" of losing our place if we don't use the holiday club (we've never used it) or pay a retainer over the holidays.

sammich Fri 24-Jun-11 19:51:02

I manage a nursery and i am very confused at your post, you pay the £536 a month but if you actually want to attend during the summer you have to pay £30 pounds more a day on top of your very expensive £536 a month? do you have to pay the £536 even if you do not attend??

This is not normal and is not something i have ever heard of happening and i have heard some shocking horror stories
I am in england but still this is highly unusual practice and does not happen "everywhere" i would ring around and leave the setting asap as they are ripping you off

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