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Nursery for 1 day a week?

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Shootingstar100 Mon 20-Jun-11 19:46:26

I will be returning to work full time next May after 9 months maternity leave (baby due September). Know of a fab childminder who would be suitable but doesn't work on Fridays! Have no family nearby who can help. Any others in this situation? Should I look elsewhere or find a nursery / creche for one day a week? Any advice appreciated!

Moodykat Mon 20-Jun-11 20:19:37

IME, which isn't huge, its really hard for children to settle into a setting for one day a week. I worked for a while at a nursery and there was one child that was always miserable whenever she came in and the other girls said it was because she only went one day.

JarethTheGoblinKing Mon 20-Jun-11 20:24:39

It will take longer for your your DC to settle, DS did one day at nursery for 2 years and it was hard. He now does 2 days a week and its loads easier for him.

But that's not what you asked.. yes, nurserys will do single days, esp Friday as they tend to be quieter then. Would prob be beneficial for your DC if you could stretch to maybe an additional morning a week as well.

Shootingstar100 Mon 20-Jun-11 22:50:24

Thanks. That's what I was worried about - the settling issue. So maybe it's a case of forgetting childminder and considering nursery full time? Or splitting the week 3 days childminder & 2 nursery? Does anyone else have experience of one day at nursery?

IHeartKingThistle Mon 20-Jun-11 23:05:29

DS goes to a childminder for 3 part days a week and does one full day at a fab nursery. He was just over 1 when this arrangement started and it works well - he absolutely loves nursery and I'm planning to send him 2 days a week from September, with one less day with the childminder. He is quite a cautious baby and while I think starting him off with 4 days of nursery would have been overwhelming, the one day has helped him gain confidence around groups of children. That's just what worked for him though - DD was a different story and your baby may be too!

The only issue with one day a week has been school holidays - I'm a teacher so I don't use childcare in the holidays and by the time we went back after Easter he hadn't been to nursery for 4 weeks and needed a bit of settling.

It's worked fine for us. I like the balance he gets. If I did it again I would probably put him in nursery for 2 days from the start, but 1 has not been a problem.

Shootingstar100 Mon 20-Jun-11 23:12:49

Oh thanks IHeart it's a relief to hear another perspective. I'm a teacher too so I'll have the same holiday issues. Part of me thinks it will be good for the baby to get used to mixing with other children for one day a week. Childminder will take the baby full time for the first half term when I'm back at work, but from September will have to sort something out for Fridays. I suppose we could always consider 2 days nursery from September?

IHeartKingThistle Mon 20-Jun-11 23:22:30

In your situation, I think that's what I'd do. Why not see how well your baby settles with the childminder and how much the childminder does with him/her?

A good thing about nurseries is that they're open till a set time and they don't mind what time you arrive to pick them up before then. I do short days which in some ways is a PITA because I'm constantly either dropping everything to rush off and pick DCs up, or having to send an apologetic text to the childminder because I've been held up for a few minutes. Knowing you've got at least one day a week where you can finish up some bits and bobs before leaving is a Good Thing.

Sorry for going off on a tangent - just putting my two pennyworth in!

Shootingstar100 Mon 20-Jun-11 23:29:18

Yes, I think you're right! We were considering a nursery in the first place. Maybe we'll end up with the best of both worlds! I need to stop stressing - there's plenty of time to decide!

IHeartKingThistle Mon 20-Jun-11 23:35:38

Absolutely. Get to know lovely new baby and all will become clear!

September's a good birthday too - that was well timed! I got the dates spectacularly wrong and ended up with DS on August the 19th (I do not teach Maths blush). Wouldn't change him now though!

Shootingstar100 Tue 21-Jun-11 07:06:46

Due date is officially August 31st, I originally thought it was 2nd September. It could go either way!!! (I don't teach Maths either!) Thanks for the advice smile

inmysparetime Tue 21-Jun-11 07:33:04

One day at nursery is usually worst, just long enough to catch all the bugs, but a day off nursery ill means almost 2 weeks away from the place so hard to settle. For 1 day, a childminder or nanny share is best.

pickcherries Tue 21-Jun-11 08:28:32

my niece goes to nursery one day a week (also friday!) and has done since she was 15months! Never had a problem settling i and has only cried once when being there because she came down il and wasn't well!

Some children are just very sociable from an early age (she was! will say hello to strangers as they walked by!) and settle into nursery fine! I've worked in a nursery and yes some children do take longer to settle in the less days they do but ive known some one day a weekers to be fine! Good Luck!

littlemisslozza Tue 21-Jun-11 08:48:49

I am also a teacher and my eldest went to nursery 2 days a week from 12 months. He settled in well very quickly. I reduced my hours after DS2 so he only went to nursery one day per week from 13 months and it has been harder because he took a much longer time to settle, but that may also be personality related.

The other thing I would point out is that, while you may not even comtemplate the idea now (I certainly didn't!), putting them in nursery during the holidays is not a bad thing.... I send mine, for a shorter day than normal, and it gives them the consistency they need so they haven't had a big break from it and gives me a few hours to catch up on endless jobs that need doing. I remember feeling a bit judgemental (before I had children) of a teacher friend who did this and soon understood why once DS1 was a toddler!

Good luck with your new baby.

dribbleface Tue 21-Jun-11 12:00:20

I'm a nursery manager. it really depends on the child and their personality. My own DS started in one day and never really settled unitl he went to 2 days, but have others that settled quickly on one.

As long as your prepared for it to take a bit longer to get over initial settling, and see how your little one reacts. I never anticipated mine not settling! Was a shock when he didn't, am 25 weeks pregnant and this one startign on 2 days!

Good luck

silver28 Tue 21-Jun-11 12:08:00

DS went to nursery 1 day a week from 11 months and was fine. It took 5 weeks for him to settle properly, perhaps it would have been quicker if he was there more often, but I don't think 5 sessions with a few tears (and he was always fine after DH left) was that bad going.

He has been for 2 days a week since he turned 2 and absolutely loves going to nursery. He's 3.2 now.

Shootingstar100 Tue 21-Jun-11 22:31:27

Thanks everyone for the advice - I really appreciate it!

littlemiss I think you're right and it's not a bad thing at all to use the nursery option during school holidays! Especially as we have no family close to us who would be able to take the baby for an afternoon now and again. Very sensible idea! Much better to get some time to do chores properly and enjoy stress-free time with the baby. Will definitely consider doing that too!!

Barbeasty Wed 22-Jun-11 08:36:57

Do check with the nursery that they will agree to one day. Ours will do a minimum of 2 days, although they will let you do 2 half days rather than 2 full days if you want.

They just find that the children are much more settled being there over the 2 days rather than one. I suppose that, especially when they are young, the 6 day gap is massive and they are almost settling from scratch each week.

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