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Opinions or experience of Butterflies Childcare Ltd, Wimbledon, SW19 3SB

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ayda Wed 08-Jun-11 22:01:39

Hi Mums,

I'm currently researching Butterflies Childcare in Wimbledon as a potential nursery for my 1 year old.

I'd be grateful if anyone has had any experience of this nursery if they could share this information which would help me decide if this is the right place for my child.

Thanks a lot, A

Jenni363 Thu 09-Jun-11 16:34:57


I registered my DD on their waiting list online couple weeks a go and asked to go for a showround.. Didn't hear back from them so rang them and a girl told me they don't do showrounds until they can offer me a place...

Sounds bit weird to me as surely I'd like to see the nursery before I decide its the right one for us...? confused

Anyways, I'd be keen on hearing experiences too smile

ButterfliesChildcare Wed 22-Jun-11 11:06:57

Hi Mums!
Many thanks for taking an interest in our Nursery, we always welcome feedback and comments. In response to your query above, we only carry out show rounds when we have availability as we are a small nursery and it can be quite disruptive for our children to see a constant flow of adults walking around the nursery and this is purely out of interest for the children. We are also mindful that if we don't have a place available for you, we don't wish to set your expectations unfairly. Please do register with us and we will of course contact you when we have availability. Please don't hesitate to contact the Nursery if you have any further queries. We hope this helps, many thanks and best wishes, the Butterflies Team.

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