Can Mum attend nursery?

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growingweeble Sun 29-May-11 22:38:23

Having looked at all the childcare options in our area, it looks like a local nursery is our best bet. My husband and I (with our 14 month old DD) went to look at a nursery the other day. It was pretty good, but I do have some reservations. Mostly the staff as they weren't exactly full of enthusiasm. Having said that, the kids seemed pretty happy.
But, it feels odd to just have a quick tour and then decide to leave my little girl there.

Is it weird to ask to spend more time there? Maybe I wouldn't be allowed anyway because of CRB checks etc. Has anyone else asked to spend a session at a nursery?

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purepurple Mon 30-May-11 08:55:22

Lots of our parents settle their babies in with short sessions during which they stay. It's really not that unusual. You won't need a CRB as you won't be left alone with any children.
Every child is different and will need a settling in plan that will work for them. Just talk to the nursery about their settling in policy. A good nursery will want to work with you to make it as easy as possible for your child and for you.

princesbold Mon 30-May-11 12:33:15

I second what pure purple has said, some nurseries do not even charge for the settling in period, be cautious however not to stay too long with your DD as they will find it more difficult to let you go the longer you do stay, its all worth it when you go back to collect, to see the happiness and excitement waiting for you.
How much time were you given to look around ? I would allow a minimum of one hour and be able to give two to any new parents.

Grabaspoon Mon 30-May-11 12:48:13

I would ask to go for another look around. Maybe over a snack period so that DD and yourselves spend a little time in the room with the staff etc.

After choosing the nursery you will probably have 2 or 3 settling in sessions of an hour each over a period of a couple of days. In the first you will stay and complete paper work while DD plays, you may get time to leave for 5/10 minutes at the end to see how she does, session 2 again you come and observe for 15 minutes then leave her for 45 minutes to see how she gets on and if a 3rd session is needed then it will be the same as the 2nd.

growingweeble Tue 31-May-11 16:32:56

Thanks very much for your insights. I'll give the nursery a call and see whether they're ok with me spending an hour or so with my DD before making a decision. I'd expect the settling in sessions. I just wasn't sure whether I could "hang out" before committing. Sounds like it's not an unreasonable request though to spend more time there. Thanks!

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