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Gabi007 Tue 05-Jul-11 00:21:28

It seems impossible to get a space in a nursery in Wimbledon this year. My daughter is still waiting and she is now 18 months old. I was very late starting to look...I was also surprised to how long the waiting lists were. We have chosen Wimbledon Day Nursery though. They seem very popular but will open a new nursery just opposite the first one in April. I would recommend to visit them. It seems very clean and organised and the staff seem very nice. Not just young girls...

sweeta Wed 08-Jun-11 08:50:34

Yes, I hope so too that it doesnt affect things too much. It would be best to note down all your concerns and ask them when you register.

Jenni363 Wed 08-Jun-11 08:16:29

Thanks Sweeta! Still waiting for Dee's to send me the registration papers.... Called and emailed them yesterday and haven't heard anything back confused

I think they are going through management change? Wonder how that will affect things?

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sweeta Tue 07-Jun-11 21:30:00

My son goes to dees day in wimbledon. He has been going there since the past 1 1/2 years. The staff has been caring. At times it does become a bit of a problem early in the mornings when the staff get late and hence there will be more kids and less staff. Apart from one or two staff, I have been extremely happy with the rest of the staff. I have been to Playdays in Wimbledon before registering with Dees but was not comfortable with the childcare. They have too many youngsters and I have watched their temperament with kids which is not too great.

Dicky Birds is the best (I couldnt find a place there too but a friend's kid goes there so their experience has been good), second best would be Dees in wimbledon. They are not too pushy with kids and I would recommend them. The place itself is not very big so if you are comfortable with that then would def recommend it.


Jenni363 Fri 27-May-11 19:23:05


Could anybody tell me more about Dees Day Nursery in Wimbledon? I went for a showround today and would like to hear from others experiences with them. They would have the availability for my DD - looking for a place around October / November.

My DD is on a waiting list for Dicky Birds (our first choice but impossible to get a place), Play Days on Queens RD, and Crown.

I'm also visiting Eveline on Quicks Rd and Early Ears Day Care in Colliers Wood...

Since both myself and DP are foreign (Fin / NZ) the difficulty of getting a nursery place has come as a bit of a shock to us! shock angry

Cheers for any help!

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