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lilacsky Tue 24-May-11 19:10:52

Hello, I wonder if someone could help. We are expecting twins this year. I am a teacher and have 4 months a year where I am not at school. In addition, my mother has committed to looking after the twins for 3 months of the year, which leaves 5 months we will need to find childcare for. Would we find a nursery to care for our children for 5 months of the year full time and in various chunks throughout the year, or would they expect us to sign a 12 month contract? Has anyone else been in this position? If so, what childcare solution did you find?
Lilacsky x

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vickibee Tue 24-May-11 19:15:15

childminders offer more flexibility, my friend is a teeacher and the CM takes her DD term time only, nurseries would not and wanted a full time contract.

princesbold Tue 24-May-11 19:38:07

At my Nurseries we accommodate teachers term time only, we are able to do this because during the school holidays we are inundated by the parents of the children who are usually at school for places. However we would not easily be able to accommodate the provision for a 5 month period followed by a 7 month gap, your space would be given to somebody else and would then not again be available.

narmada Fri 10-Jun-11 20:43:16

Depends where you are. If you're in London, I have to say I think the chances of finding daycare in a nursery for the pattern of attendance you describe are pretty close to nil - sorry sad Good nurseries are always heavily oversubscribed and will generally want to fill any gaps as soon as they arise and would therefore not keep places open for you. Our contract (very typical) is for 51 weeks per year so we are also paying for time we don't use during holidays etc.

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