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Recommendations for nurseries in Fleet/Hook/Hart. Wint. please!

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hookmum Mon 17-Jun-13 21:26:43

Hook Village Nursery is not one I would recommend. The people whom work there, are unfriendly and unwelcoming, definitely have their favourite toddlers and very clicky just like the mums there, often would walk passed and ignore me when I said hello, just basically rude. Also the staff didn't change my son's poopy nappy, I lost count after 10 times this occurred, in the end just took him out. Very unhappy with their interpersonal skills etc.

nannynick Sun 20-Nov-05 17:25:19

Best nursery I know of is Poppets, in Fleet.

It's a small family run nursery which has been around for a long time. It is popular so may have a waiting list. Contact Jo & Dan Hastings 01252 628946

Latest Ofsted Inspection Report

I've not been to Hatton Hill in Elvetham Heath, but if it's like the other ones in that chain, I'd avoid it - at least I didn't like the way their Frimley one was run. Same goes for ABC, another to avoid in my opinion. Everyone has their own personal view though, so read their latest inspection report, go along for a visit, take the time to visit a good few nurseries so you get to see how they differ... some you will like, some you will hate.


gemmamay Thu 17-Nov-05 13:04:40

Hi - I live in Sandhurst so not sure on that way but what about...the one on Elvetham Heath - Hatton Hill I think?

My DD goes to Holly Cottage in Wokingham

onesock Wed 09-Nov-05 14:35:55

Hi, I wonder if anyone can recommend a good day nursery in the area. DS is 1yr old and I'd like to go back to work 2 days a week.

Also, if there's any to avoid.


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