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Anyone using Westchester House Nursery in Farnham?

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blimeythatwasquick Wed 11-May-11 12:50:38

if you are, any feedback? Its too new to have an Ofsted report yet and the rates are v reasonable (special deal at the mo) so am considering using and have a visit planned but just wondered if anyone else has been/used them yet.

If not, any recommendations in and around Farnham?


princesbold Wed 11-May-11 15:45:11

They may not have had an inspection yet but prior to opening ofsted will carry out a full and thorough investigation of both the responsible person and of the premises before allowing them to begin trading. If that helps at all.

blimeythatwasquick Fri 13-May-11 09:59:19

thanks Princesbold - I figured they wouldn't just be allowed to open up willy-nilly!

childcare2 Thu 19-May-11 12:26:21

Hello All. This is Westchester House responding. Prior to opening we were fully inspected and registered by Ofsted. Ofsted did thorough checks on the company as well as the Nursery Manager and they considered the Management Team to be fully responsible and qualified to run a nursery due to their many years of experience in the childcare sector. Westchester House had a full Ofsted inspection after 4 months of opening and received a GOOD rating. This was a real achievement due to the short time it had to implement all of the policys and procedures and develop and train the staff team. We are now receiving much interest in the nursery and welcome any further enquiries

mspotatochip Thu 19-May-11 21:18:33

A superb room leader from my kids nursery moved there.

rubyandbumpsmum Thu 17-May-12 16:15:00

My daughter has been going there since Westchester opened, she is now 2 and a half, she absolutely loves it there, and all her teachers/staff are amazing, they are not there for just a job, you can feel the atmosphere as soon as you walk in that they are there through love for the children, and this shows effortlessly through how happy my little girl is running in there !! my 2nd baby is due in July, and will defenitly be joining there too! My daughter goes for the sole purpous of socialising and making froends and having a great time, and this is most definitly the case at this nursery, I myself work in a nursery - not Westchester - but Westchester leaves the other nurseries I have experienced standing!! and the management team are fantastic there!! smile definitly reccomend them!

twogirlsmum Tue 29-May-12 14:09:35

I have had both of my girls at Westchester since March 2011. They both love it and seem to be doing really well. The staff are excellent - helpful and attentive. Would definitely recommend it.

DaisyR Fri 06-Jul-12 11:31:50

Hi, I'm planning to go and look at Westchester at their baby section and wondered if anyone had babies there and what they thought of it. It sounds like a lovely place. Also, does anyone know roughly what the daily costs are?


Bodrelowski Sat 09-Mar-13 17:58:58

If your children are of preschool age, be warned that the company do not like doing phonics or structured learning like other nurseries in the area. They say they are doing it but it is not consistent or structured so not really effective. Local primary schools have noticed the children coming from here have been behind in these disciplines.

childcare2 Tue 09-Apr-13 10:36:17

This is Westchester House Nursery responding to the above posting. We wish to put your mind at ease. Westchester House Nursery has a very clear understanding of phonological development in young children . We use and follow the Department of Educations Letters and Sounds phase 1. This has been specifically designed and tailored to encourage children's development in this area up to the end of reception year. Areas it includes are Environmental sounds, Instrumental sounds, Body percussion, Rhythm and Rhyme, Alliteration, Voice sounds and Oral blending and Segmenting. We also use and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage in regards to Children's Learning and structured learning. Feedback from the Schools who received the children from Westchester House Nursery last year validated that all of our children were school ready.

csillasagi Tue 24-Nov-15 21:49:04

Hi all parents in Farnham,

My family is relocating in June/July in 2016 and i was wondering if you could recommend me a good nursery for my son who will be almost 4. he was born in September, so we have another fun year left before THE school starts.
I am also considering pre schools. Any pro-cons you could tell me?
i really appreciate anyone giving me an insight/ opinion on this, as it is difficult to judge on Ofstead report. Some of those reports are very old.
My son currently goes 3 times a week including a forest walk day, which he do I. So if there is a nursery, which runs forest walk, please don't be shy to mention it.
Thank you all in advance!!!

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