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Sticky Fingers, Earlsfield

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BramfieldWren Wed 11-May-11 11:55:04


Does anyone have an opinion on Sticky Fingers nursery in Earlsfield? It does look quick rough and ready but if the kids are looked after well I will look into sending my 2 year old there.

princesbold Wed 11-May-11 12:13:20

Have you checked the last ofsted report ?

princesbold Wed 11-May-11 12:17:35

The last ofsted was good, however their inspection is now overdue.

BramfieldWren Wed 11-May-11 12:23:48

Yes it is overdue. I saw the report from 08 was good, but I would still like Mummy opinons....

SFMc Thu 12-May-11 09:11:01

I saw the nursery the other day... I liked the big open hall and the mixing of the kids. I thought the manager seemed pretty on the ball. It wasn't super 'nice' but it was also spacious. It seems well structured and that they had a lot of activities for the kids. Most importantly I thought the kids looked like they were having a blast.
The ofsted report was 'good' with a number of 'outstanding' sections. I was impressed by this. I would like a more up to date inspection report too but these seem hard to come by. How often do they inspect? So many nursery reports are very old.
I've seen soooo many nurseries in the area. Have you seen others that you preferred?
I was thinking of sending my son there when he is 18 months. Would also love feedback too but I've read good things from my online research.
But I think I'm going to sign up.

dribbleface Fri 13-May-11 17:29:54

SFMc a good nursery should be inspected every 3 years, more often for satisfactory ones. In our area they are evry behind and some nurseries around here have waited 4 years so far. To be honest an Ofsted is only as good as the day its done (and even then relies on the specific inspector and what they value - can you tell i'm a frustrated nursery manager!).

BramfieldWren Tue 31-May-11 09:24:10

Hi, I haven't signed up as yet. I did think the kids looked really happy there. I was a bit worried by the sleep area which seemed quite dirty and still had sheets and mats out mid afternoon. Our current nursery clears away all the mats and sheets after nap time which I think is important, particularly with such as small area.

It does seem good value, particularly in relation to where my toddler is now (Kids Unlimited). The other reason I haven't signed up is she is so happy where she is now, I feel a bit mean pulling her out. KU does have faults but after the settling in period I felt much happier with it...

Totally see the point on offstead and would rather go on parent reviews to be honest...

BN138 Mon 06-Jun-11 12:01:52

We send our children to Sticky Fingers and are largely very happy with it. I was a bit worried about the 'rough and ready' appearance, but the boys are very happy there, as are all the other children. All of the staff are great - friendly and approachable, and considering the educational approach they have and the value as well, I think it's one of the best in the area.

SFMc Mon 06-Jun-11 14:49:27

Thank you so much for this input!!! This feedback is invaluable.

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