3.5 yr old and 2 yr old. What's best at nursery? 3 full days, or 5 mornings?

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pipkin35 Mon 09-May-11 16:31:59

Have posted this elsewhere too since I have a few reasons for this but would really like to have opinions/thoughts, please before I rush into making changes.

Currently both kids do 3 full days, considering changing this for the following reasons:

1) 3.5 yr old not very 'active'. Refusing to walk anywhere, wanting to just watch TV all day. At nursery they say he wanders around not really focussing on anything and unable to play alone yet.
Thinking if he has less time there but more frequently, it might be better for him?

2) 3.5 yr old doesn't goes to school until 2012 but due to changes at my work thought I'd try and request the 5 mornings (9-1pm) before I won't be allowed it. Might get my 3.5 yr old 'into' the routine and idea of this regularity before he starts school when it will be the same or very similar.

3) 2 yr old starting to drop daytime nap, so hoping that when I pick them up at 1pm, we'll be home by 1.30pm and then can have a nice afternoon doing stuff altogether.

4) Food issues - will be happier knowing 5 days a week they've had a 'proper' hot lunch!

My job doesn't really factor into it since I do admin so no real issues about expectations...

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culturemulcher Mon 09-May-11 18:45:04

I'd say five mornings for sure. A full day is a long day for a 2 year old. You could always let the 3.5 year old do 3 mornings and 2 full days in the term running up to the start of school to get them used to long school days (plus it will give you a couple of afternoons just with DC2).

SoundTheOctoalert Mon 09-May-11 19:55:51

I've swapped to 5 mornings since I went back to work after DS2. Ds1 had previously been 3 full day before. 5 mornings is a bit dearer, and you have the morning hassle 2 extra days(!) but I'd say on the whole it's better for us all. DS1 starts school in August and i think it's been good that he's getting used to being out every day. The day also isn't too long for DS2, he naps when I get them home at 1.30pm so he still gets a good cot sleep. The 5 lunches thing should not be under-estimated too!!

The only downside is that sometimes I feel I'm rushing away at work. I work 8.30-12.30, and issues coming up at 12.15 is a pain. however, it used to happen on a Wednesday too and my work are much happier at me being in every day so the longest something has to wait is an afternoon.

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