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Any opinion on Bringing Up Baby - Kentish Town? Or anything else nearby?

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reka1985 Sat 07-May-11 17:00:16

Hello there,
I'm thinking about to change my daughter's nursery, as I changed jobs and would like to find something closer. She's in Kidsunlimited - Regents Place at the moment, she loves it and I think it's good (except there should be more activity), but it's gonna be a bit of a pain now, that I'll work a bit more far from there.
So I found this Bringing Up Baby in Kentish Town, I haven't visited the nursery yet, but from the website, photos and Ofsted report it sounds and looks great.
Is there anyone out there whose kids (or friends' kids) go to this nursery? Or did you consider and visit this nursery before you decided on something else? I'd love to hear some opinions and also would be keen to know how long the waiting list can be expected. My daughter is 2,5 now and ideally I'd like her to start in August/September, but if it's a really good one, I'm willing to wait a few more months if I have to.
I also would be glad to get some recommendations about something else around Hampstead, Kentish Town, West Hampstead or Camden. I need childcare at least between 8.30-1.30, but preferably for longer hours.
Thanks very much for your help in advance! Have a good day! smile

Pollyanna Tue 31-May-11 14:41:21

I'm bumping this as I'm thinking of using this nursery too and some feedback would be really helpful

Fiyi Fri 06-Jan-12 20:00:11

I signed up today to do some review hunting on this particular Nursery. So am bumping it up in the hope of some information.

reka1985 and Pollyanna, did you guys end up using this facility? Any feedback will be much appreciated.

and reka1985, thanks for the note on the Regents Place one. I live in Camden and am looking at other options as well.

A short intro about us - We have a 4 month old who will need a Nursery in August. The catch is, we are not in the country now and I need to choose one now since I have heard of the notorious waiting lists everywhere or at least at the good ones! So we are totally dependent on the reviews of other parents to make our decision.

So any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

hochy1948 Tue 31-Jan-12 12:50:25

My little boy has been at Chaston Nursery, Kentish Town since he was 10 months. The staff have been fantastic, very loving and caring, so much so that his keyworker cried when he had to move room. My little one, eats, sleeps and plays very happily there. They are all very approachable there. All the other parents I know are very happy too.. hope this helps

supermum2020 Wed 30-Nov-16 12:22:27

Please stay away from this nursery. They are only interested in money. They have now been taken over as little garden nurseries. BE AWARE. HEAD OFFICE ARE TERRIBLE.

SanF123 Wed 04-Jan-17 23:35:05

Disappointing Bringing Up Baby in Brentford

My child had been attending the nursery for 2 years and in that time I have seen several managers come and go. What I find upsetting is how this affects the children and how senior management or head office don't seem to do anything about it or even try and explain to parents what's been happening and what they intend to do. There's been a refurbishment a few weeks ago and new staff have come on board, but that doesn't change the fact that the nursery has taken a turn for the worse and I have had to take my child out as a result of this. As a concerned parent, I find HO and senior management a real cause for concern. There haven't been many efforts to try and build a relationship with the parents. Recently staff have left without the children or parents acknowledgement, so we didn't have a chance to say goodbye or thank them for their support. If it wasn't for the wonderful and supportive care staff who have been really great with the care of my child, we would have left long ago. Just so incredibly disappointing. I have communicated with the head office but to no avail. They insist these comments are inaccurate and unfair but i'm not the only parent sharing my honest and negative opinion of this nursery on another review site. Surely all the parents complaining can't be 'inaccurate' and 'unfair' in their reviews. I'd appreciate it if the nursery could look into the matters at hand and find a positive way to deal with them, instead of being in denial and reverting any negativity towards us for telling the truth.

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