Not happy with nursery school (bullying!) - is it too late to swap my free funded hours elsewhere?

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wildstrawberryplace Wed 04-May-11 19:16:45

DS attends a nusery school which is directly funded as it is a proper school with teachers. I also pay for some wrap around care there, but he also still attends his previous nursery which I pay for directly myself.

I'm thinking about about taking him out of the nursery school and trying to get him more time at his other nursery, because I think the nursery school is failing him really angry but I don't know if I have missed the boat since term has started. This is his last term before he starts school in September.

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sammich Wed 04-May-11 19:37:39

No you have never missed the boat however it may be VERY hard to find a place at his previous nursery because it is the end term and great nurseries are generally filled up in this last term

You just have to give notice and the nursery school will have to send off a form and you will have to sign a new early years form at the nursery you want him to attend if they have space

Hope this helps

wildstrawberryplace Wed 04-May-11 20:13:20

Thanks, it does help. I'll ring them and see if they do have any space.

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atworknotworking Thu 05-May-11 07:52:24

I would suggest that you contact your local families information service prior to any move, funding for the FFE is paid to providers in advance therefore the nursery your dc is at will have received payment already, if you then move and get the FFE at another provider your dc will then be double funded, afaik, LA's don't generally allow this, however some do in certain cercs, best to check so you know exactly how yours works.

SherbetDibDab Thu 05-May-11 07:55:29

You need to ring your local Early Years people at the council. Different authorities handle transfers slightly differently.

dribbleface Thu 05-May-11 10:40:51

For what its worth headcount day (when providers have to submit their actual numbers to council) here in essex is on the 18th May so if you can move him before that then there is no complication over free entitlement

Sherbetdibdab is right local authorities are different, here in essex we have are encouraged to send on funding to new provider but not obiliged to.

princesbold Tue 10-May-11 17:32:08

I don't think you will be able to change as you attend a local authority controlled nursery, these nurseries have different rules than privately operated nurseries, if you were at a private nursery you are able to change even on the last week of the term

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