Pre-school working with parents - toilet training

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bosogo Mon 21-Mar-11 09:31:30

Have my DS in a pre-school and all been semi ok....we have typically gone forward a few steps and back some more with toilet training. Then we had a break through at home instead of asking if he wanted to go we started taking him while asking....had a all but 1 accident a dry weekend!!! (so proud) then back to pre-school told them the new plan, 3 days into the week and everything back soaked and not just a little I mean totally upto 3 changes! tried to tackle them got told 'it gets hectic'. Now this is where I take issue - yes ok at home we only have one child and 2 of us and yet they are paid to do this job and well thats it they are supposed to be professionals!! I called Ofsted as advised by another professional and they were amazing suggested a 'toilet chart' and ask that they do it at the setting, so far has hi-lighted on first week (only in for 3 days) no wet clothes however only 3 ticks in a 5hr stay!!! We asked for hourly trips!! But atleast we are more aware of what is happening and sharing this because it might help someone else, however have we been over the top thoughts.......

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