Toilets in pre-school.

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misscph1973 Sun 13-Feb-11 16:43:20

I don't really think that modesty in toilets is very important to toddlers.

Maybe it's because I'm not English but I have never understood why young children are left alone to go to the toilet over here. I don't think they are old enough to be hygienic enough.

TheMonster Sun 13-Feb-11 16:32:35

Surely they can only see in if there are no doors?

inspireddance Sun 13-Feb-11 16:31:13

Are there not doors on the cubicles?

All the ones I've been to have short doors on the cubicles. They are tall enough for other children not to see in but short enough that an adult standing outside can see over.

Grabaspoon Sun 13-Feb-11 15:15:50

I have recently noticed that the nursery has built some new toilets in the pre-school room, which is great as they used to be down the hall.

However a comment by the 3 year old made me think. He told me that "everyone could see him on the toilet whilst they were at the snack table.

Looking at how the room is set up I agree that children probably could have seen directly into the toilet whilst in the proximity of the work/snack tables.

Is this ok? I would have thought OFSTED had rules/regulations about a childs modesty and the fact that people shouldn't be able to see them toileting?

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