what do you do when nursery is closed (holiday) but you have to work

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Changeisagoodthing Wed 09-Feb-11 17:52:29

Many school nurseries offer 8-5 or 9-3 or any variation in between but term time only. A few offer all year round but the minority.

The days of an am or pm nursery place are mostly gone. You can have your 15 hours over 2.5 days and pay for extra hours.

moaningminniewhingesagain Wed 09-Feb-11 17:48:39

My DD is in a school preschool, she has stayed at their after school club a few times when I have had an appt that means I can't pick up - she absolutely loves it - loves being with the older children from the primary school and would use it every day if she couldsmile

She does 9-3 mostly but it wouldn't be a suitable option for childcare reasons really - i had to arrnge my work days arround DHs days off as no family to help and we both do shiftwork, so traditional childcare options don't really work sad

VeggieReggie Tue 08-Feb-11 11:30:41

School nurseries often only offer a place for half the day, too - typically 9-11.30 and 1-3.30. Have you checked this?
School nurseries are the nursery class of the school, not a childcare nursery. For f/t work, you need a cm or a nursery, and you will be entitled to a big subsidy in return for your unused school nursery place.

But you need to think ahead for school hols, so a CM who would offer a continuity once your dd starts school, with a school pick-up and holiday care, could be your answer.

thehairybabysmum Tue 08-Feb-11 11:24:28

I didn't move him. Also the opening times of the school nursery were so limited compared to the private one. The wrap-around care would have been in the after-school club, great for my 5 year old in reception but not somewhere i believe is suitable for a 3 year old!

scurryfunge Tue 08-Feb-11 11:06:06

Could you return to the private nursery for holiday time only?
You could employ a childminder for holidays too.

littleElif Tue 08-Feb-11 11:03:30


just posted below regarding the opening times of the school nurseries. I plan to move DD from private nursery to school nursery for various reasons.

just didn't know that they only open during term time.

I have no family around, so there is really nobody who could help me with looking after DD when nursery is closed. I work 5 days/week. How do others work around this problem???

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