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Outdoor nursery/forest kindegarten - any ideas how to set one up?

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donttrythisathome Mon 31-Jan-11 14:48:35


I've recently discovered the existence of outdoor nurseries e.g. like this. They are apparently very popular in Scandanavian countries. Basically the children spend most/all of the time outdoors playing.

I would love something like this for my DD, but there's nothing locally.

Can anyone on here give me any pointers as to how I could set something up please? I have no nursery experience, am just an interested parent.

ThreeIsEnoughForMe Mon 31-Jan-11 15:01:55

Looks fab, I know mine would have loved it at that age!! It says on that site that they stay indoors during extreme weather conditions which is good, but what about plain old rain? Surely the children dont stay out doors in the lashing rain all day?? And I imagine it rains a lot in Glasgow smile

donttrythisathome Mon 31-Jan-11 15:32:31

I think they do stay outdoors! They wear warm clothes, layers, raingear and wellies! Kids love splashing around.

TiggyD Mon 31-Jan-11 21:06:16

Saying you have to stay outside is as bad as saying you have to stay inside.

I'm an outdoor person and experienced and qualified nursery nurse. You would do better to start a nursery with a fantastic outdoor area.

donttrythisathome Mon 31-Jan-11 22:43:05

There would be an indoor area as well. Anyway, has anyone on here set something like this up?

KatyMac Mon 31-Jan-11 22:48:06

are these near you?

Forest schools are great - I have someone coming round on Wednesday for our children

KatyMac Mon 31-Jan-11 23:02:16

I'm really excited & I can't wait

donttrythisathome Thu 03-Feb-11 11:39:34

Thanks for that. How did it go yesterday? How many kids in your nursery? I suppose what I really want is a few days a week outdoors rather than occasionally. Maybe I should just get some like-minded parents/carers to start an outdoor playgroup, as I can't imagine qualifying as a childcare worker. A couple of mothers in Scotland did set up a nursery though so maybe I should contact them for advice...

KatyMac Thu 03-Feb-11 16:59:18

Well I think I misunderstood; she came to see our area and observe our children so she could plan how to extend their play

midnightexpress Thu 03-Feb-11 17:06:32

I'm in Glasgow, and it's quite near us. We went to an open day there. They have done really well and are opening another one I think. It's for over 3s only. And yes, they do go out in most weathers, but have a church hall for when the weather is really atrocious, with some nice toys. They use very high quality outdoor gear from Scandinavia. They have a protaloo and wee hammocks for the little ones to nap in.

Most of the children don't go there every day (It's quite expensive) but maybe go once or twice a week and have other arrangements on other days.

I think the main problem they have is with getting and retaining staff, tbh. Not all nursery nurses fancy spending every day outdoors.

donttrythisathome Fri 04-Feb-11 00:12:25

Sorry katy what did you misunderstand (worries I offended katy in some way). Did you have a forest school leader come around to visit? Sounds fab and your kids are lucky.

midnightexpress lucky you living near this nursery. Yeah I can imagine you'd have to find nursery nurses who specialise in that.

KatyMac Fri 04-Feb-11 07:37:22

donttrythisathome - yes & while I understood she wasn't doing an activity, I thought she would interact a bit more with the children

jade80 Mon 14-Feb-11 22:11:06

Try the Archimedes forest school courses and CPD if you really want to start something like this.

oHeleno Tue 15-Feb-11 15:18:03

At they have just been granted "outstanding" in their Early Years provision, and my daughter who's been there for two years is outside 2 days out of 5.

She is definitely very happy and healthy and I think it's great to be outside so much - althouth it is ALL weathers!

A friend of mine runs a nursery which is part outdoors, it's called Barn Owls near Dorchester in Dorset. She is called Sarah and I am sure she would be helpful as she is a very friendly person.

donttrythisathome Wed 16-Feb-11 21:12:12

Ah thanks. Getting great advice on here.

leannac Tue 20-Sep-11 21:07:35

How did you go with this project? I'm really hoping to set up one of these myself. I think it's so important for kids to spend time outside and there is no provision in my area for anything like this!

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