Was I right to say something? Feeling slightly guilty

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Monadami Sat 29-Jan-11 02:03:33

My DS is 19 months old and having looked at a few Nurseries found one I really liked. He will only be attending for 2 half days purely to give him some social contact with other children and some independence.

Anyway, we went in for a couple of settling in sessions. On the first day, I noticed at least 4 children had heavily running noses, 2 had green mucous running into their mouths. I was there for about 45 minutes before one of the staff members wiped a couple of the childrens noses, but one of the other children continued to have a snotty unwiped nose.

I understand children will have snotty noses and it can't be prevented, but to me allowing it to drip into their mouths shows a lack of basic care. It was also being transferred onto toys and soft furnishings.

When I was leaving I spoke to the Nursery manager and mentioned this, she seemed to agree with what I'd said and said because the room leader was off sick, the two other girls were being a bit slack. I'm now kind of feeling a bit guilty, as the two members of staff were obviously spoken to, as on my second day, the tissues and wiping was abundant.

Anyway, does anyone think I was over-reacting? Would you have said something too?

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purepurple Sat 29-Jan-11 07:50:42

No, you did the right thing. It is simple things like this that give a bad impression of a nursery and the manager has recognised this. She could have lost a potential parent because of it.
It's not hard, is it, to wipe a child's nose?
The staff don't sound up to much if they haven't even got the initiative to wipe a child's nose without direct supervision.

mummysweeangel Sat 29-Jan-11 07:58:28

fully agree with purepurple.. exactly what i was going to say..

This was one of the things that used to annoy me about my DS previous nursery, whenever we picked him up his face was ALWAYS dirty, weetbix from breakfast time encrusted into his face (bearing in mind he was in from 8am until 5pm!!!) and if he had a runny nose it was more than often left to dry and crust over, it was a pet hate of mine.

You done the right thing by commenting on it right away.

BlackSwan Sat 29-Jan-11 08:03:15

Good for you. Kids can't speak up for themselves - so you have to.

Monadami Sat 29-Jan-11 20:28:12

Thank you. I guess if we don't speak up slack habits will just continue. I think I would go mad if I ever picked my DS up from Nursery and he had a dirty face. He never has one whilst in my care, so certainly shouldn't in paid care.

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