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gioldn Fri 21-Jan-11 14:15:31


I'm moving to Parsons Green next month and I'm looking for a nursery for my 20 mths old son.
I went to see Bobbysplay house(but they dont do half days) and treetops but even if the place is great I didnt have a good feeling while I was in there?
Anyone knows bumpsa daisy nursery in parsons green?
I'm going to see it next week!!!!
Please I dont know the area very well! any advice is welcomed

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Kotek Sun 23-Jan-11 14:27:33

I did not like Bobbys Playhouse at all so would not recommend that to anyone based on my experience. Is Active Learning close to your home? That one was much better. Good luck.

Kingsroadie Thu 03-Feb-11 14:13:08

Not sure if you are still looking. I am also looking round nurseries in PG. Have been to see Pippa Popins which was AMAZING. BUT fairly expensive. They offer half days but once child is 2 there is a 3 session minimum and once 3yrs old a 5 session minimum. Plus a deposit plus a registration fee. But it was so good and I know several children who go there and it is lovely.

sanam2010 Thu 03-Feb-11 20:49:34

Bobbys playhouse is fab and a full day there will cost you just little more than a half day at pippa poppins. I know lots of toddlers at bobbys who are very very happy, so have decided to send DD there starting in May.

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