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movingwest Tue 18-Jan-11 11:39:03

Hi, moving to the area in early march and I naively called a couple of nurseries this morning about applying and they are all full! I don't know why I was so laid back!

We will be in St Margarets and the Windsor Kindergarten is full, and Orleans infants pretty much full of siblings for Sept nursery intake.

DS is 3.4, will be 4 in October, so I was looking for part time morning sessions for now (don't mind paying) then state nursery from Sept.

Any other ideas/recommendations? DS has a speech delay of about a year so important that the setting has experience of this.

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violeta Fri 21-Jan-11 13:12:00

You could try the playgroup at ETNA on Rosslyn Road? I hear they're good. They do just mornings.

I think you might struggle to get a state nursery in Sept - the only one nearby is Orleans and as you've discovered it's almost impossible to get in unless you already have a child at the nursery/school.

Samedi Wed 02-Feb-11 00:54:39

Previous charges of mine have gone to Sunflower Montessori and Jack and Jills which is Twickenham but I used to walk from St Margarets everyday (theres a bus too, not much parking to be had there). Though I think they are private rather than state, I don't know much about it as the parents always choose!

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