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Little Acorns, Bermondsey

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Emmie412 Tue 18-Jan-11 11:04:49


does anybody's 1 year old go to the little Acorns nursery in St James's street in Bermondsey? Apparently it has outstanding award from Ofsted but after we visited it today it felt pretty small and cramped. And call me a snob but wasn't happy spotting Tesco value garlic bread in the kitchen....

Am I just being picky because I am nervous about putting her to nursery...??

incredulou Tue 15-Feb-11 20:17:39

Hi Emmie,

Our DC started at just over a year.

Over all I am comfortable with it, as she seems happy. However I was never impressed with the food, especially at snack time in the afternoon- today it was crackers and jam (where is nutritional content in that and why intorduce babies to sugar?). the lunch has improved as they cook on site and they try and make healthy food.In the morning the snack is fresh fruit at 10. they will tell you it is seasonal fresh fruit, but it is always the same- apple, orange and banana as far as I have seen. Ask them about snack food, as they will show a lunch menu to show how healthy they are but in reality they only have 15 mins to eat it, which means my DC never east enough then gets hungry in afternoon. She is only there 2 days a week so I put up with the food. When she comes home I make sure I give her a snack with protein and fresh veg - eg ham and tomatoes.

Alos they told me they never show TV or DVDs to the children except on fris, but I have picked her up on other days and seen the screen in corridor showing cartoons- which i found lazy

I realised I would never find the nursery I was 100percent happy with, reckon this is ok.

londonbrunette24 Mon 19-Mar-12 15:07:45

Hi, my son has been attending Little Acorns for just over 2 years and he thoroughly enjoys himself. In the time he has been there he has developed so much confidence in himself. He has learnt to write his name, knows his shapes and colours, and together we have worked to potty train him, they have taught him impeccable table manners, and it's more like a little family there than a business. The menu's are very appealing, everyone gets on really well, they are always very welcoming and what I like about this nursery rather than a lot of others that I initially visited is that the staff team seems to have been consistent since my son started there, which obviously is very reassuring. My little boy will be going to big school this year, and we'll be sad to leave the nursery, however I'm planning to send our second child the the baby unit nearby, so hugely pleased about the link!! Would recommend to anyone!

nickywy Tue 23-Sep-14 11:40:20

I just saw a big toddler buggy carrying 6-8 toddlers where each toddler was munching their way through a packet of quavers each whilst the staff were carrying more bags of multipacks of crisps. They came from this nursery- I asked the staff where they were from because I was so shocked.Being a mum to a 8 month old I have my eye on the lookout for suitable nurseries for when I go back to work.
Quick search and their website advertised healthy snacks and a nice looking healthy menu including crackers and breadsticks.
I'm definitely avoiding, if they can fib about something so fundamental as the diet of our little ones, what else would they fib about?!

Margarritaville11 Sat 13-Dec-14 18:06:21

This nursery lies about everything, they put on their website for 2/3 years that they are a outstanding nursery which is not true, they very down graded to good, the recently corrected their website only because a parent complained to ofstead. This nursery has a high turn over of staff and children, the nursery is over priced and badly managed. The manager is a bad manager, she is never there, when she is there she is unapproachable, rude, hard to talk to, very defensive and does not listen. Unless you ask what your child has eaten or has done for the day you would never know. Bullying often happens in this nursery and nothing is done about it unless you raise a complaint, when you do the tour they supply you with all this information of the service they provide, it's all lies. The children are left to do what they want. Children are not ready for reception by the time they leave this nursery because they do nothing to prepare them. The snacks are not healthy, the website is full of lies. Do not send your children to this nursery.

Joan1952 Mon 15-Dec-14 12:44:18

As the manager of Little Acorns for the past fifteen years it is very upsetting when a singular client makes malicious and false allegations. The longevity of the nursery, along with the reviews/reports from Ofsted, the positive relations between management, staff, children and their families stands testament to the dedication and professionalism of the nursery to provide quality service and outcomes for all the children. I would be grateful for any current or previous client if they would take a moment to write a review in support of the nursery and the team. Thank you

cregan Tue 16-Dec-14 15:21:58

I have to disagree Margarritaville11. I have been sending my child to little acorns for the past 9 months. I have had to go back to work part time and have complete confidence leaving him there 3 days a week. The staff and manager have been amazing, very caring and approachable in my experience. The food menus that I have been sent through in the past 9 months have been varied and healthy. My child gets sent home every day with an info sheet telling me what activities he has done, what he has eaten, how long he has slept etc. I have never had any need to question anything. I must say what puts a smile on my face in the mornings is my little boy waving me off as he walks through the nursery gates. I highly recommend Little acorns nursery.

HelloSunshine22 Wed 17-Dec-14 22:29:53

Interesting comments and very glad to have seen this thread! I usually peruse reviews and fail to comment although on this occasion I feel inclined to as my child previously attended this particular nursery.
I thought there was a lack of structure within my Childs day, High staff turnover is a definite and cleanliness was certainly an issue for me. I was never too keen on the food menus to be honest and thought the meals and snacks served to be unhealthy & with high sugar content.
Cregan - the fact you received reports for your child is good as this is not what I experienced for my 3 year old...not consistent - so what warrants different treatment of each child...hmmmm
Nickwy and Margarritaville make valid points also and feedback should always be received and dealt with constructively - Joan1952 there are 4 negative comments in this thread so maybe take heed and work on improving these elements
Incredelou & Emmie412 also noticed the food issues - some 3 years ago!!!
I think you�re wrong to assume the feedback is malicious more so a difference of opinion which certain people will highlight in forums such as these to enable you to improve your service you have constructive feedback Joan you should seriously take steps to improve.
p.s - The capital letters, shouting, you taking this so personally, 'singular client� when clearly there are a few comments about the nursery - does not project the professional stance I�m sure you are going for.
Good luck, Wish you all the best!

AlexD72 Sun 21-Dec-14 19:26:07

I don't have experience of the nursery but really a MANAGER coming onto a forum and getting angry and saying its a malicious post. It's not the only post that states the nursery is not very good. Not good practice to dismiss the feelings of parents. They make valid points. And some are the same points. One post is not even from a parent! Quavers? Really?!

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