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Bognor Regis Nursery School

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Flossie69 Mon 17-Jan-11 10:22:33

Hi There

Was wondering whether anyone has used this nursery. It gets a very good Ofsted report (Outstanding and Inspirational), and the Head has just been given an OBE for services to EYFS. I had a look round and was really impresed, but was wondering whether anyone here has actually sent their LO's here? What were your impressions, and how did your DC get on?


dcs324uk Sat 17-Sep-11 09:13:17

Hi Tia, Hope you are well, I can tell you this is an outstanding and amazing provision, My wife went there when she was a child some and our two Girls went there, one of which is in her final year there. I am also the chair of the Governors for the school so am very involved, the Head and the whole team are amazing friendly and so warming.

I know you put this up some time ago and was wondering if you managed to have a look and to see if you go to the school


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