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how much has been taken off your bill?

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risingstar Sat 15-Jan-11 21:07:35

if any one has dc at nursery this term that qualifies for the 3 plus funding, can you tell me how much has been taken off your bill for the month or term?


toomanyprojects Sun 16-Jan-11 10:56:47

if you live in Northants it is worth 15 x 3.70 x 11 weeks or £610.
Different counties pay different amounts. However the nursery should not "take the amount off the bill" - they should clearly should what is free and separately show the hrs you pay for so that you can see the funding is free at the point of delivery.

Hope that helps

tallulah Sun 16-Jan-11 22:18:15

£164.25 this month. It varies, depending on how many weeks there are in the term (apparently).

Mine goes FT, 40 hours a week x 50 wks, while the funding is for 15 hrs x 39 weeks.

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