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unexplained marks/bumps/bruises etc

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mungojerrie Tue 11-Jan-11 07:58:00

My DD (16m) is at a nursery 3 days a week. Its quite a relaxed place, not purpose built, quite small (only 35 kids in total). Since starting 6 months ago she has had quite a few bumps and bruises (mostly on her face) from falling. Most of these we have been fairly relaxed about because she was learning to walk and I could understand it.

Yesterday she came home with two red marks by her eye and on her cheek. They are still there this morning. No accident form or mention of it by the staff.

There has recently been a few staff leave and some new ones start, they are quite young and not very confident (they don't seek us out to talk to at the end of the day).

I think the manager is excellent but I am starting to have doubts about the staff....and I am just wondering if I should look around....

How many bumps etc do your little ones get, and how are they dealt with? Any advice? Thanks

mummysweeangel Tue 11-Jan-11 08:09:07

Hi mungojerrie-

I think when kids are learning how to walk we can expect bumps and falls from time to time but its important to have a look around the room your child is in at nursery and see if there appears to be any "hazard" areas- the reason i say this is because my LO had an accident in his previous nursery at an area that had previously been identified as a hazard but the staff had failed to do anything to make this area safe- which is wrong.

I would also be questioning the turnover and skills/experience of staff- this is something i had problems with in my childs last nursery- and the age thing i totally understand your point on that aswell. Your lucky that the manager is excellent- would be really worthwhile speaking to her and raise your concerns straight away and get to the bottom of it as soon as possible- something that i didnt manage to do as the manager from our previous nursery was either on holiday or off sick anytime there was problems.

Good luck !

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