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Surbiton Nurseries

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mumat39 Sun 09-Jan-11 23:47:58

Hello everyone

I'm looking for a nursery place for my 3 year old daughter who has multiple food allergies. We live in the surbiton area and I've had a look at a few with no luck. Some nurseries I have spoken to and seen have experience of children with single food allergies and seem surprised by the number of foods we have to avoid.

The ones I've seen all say they have training or experience in administering antihistamines and epipen (adrenaline injection) but no one has so far said anything that makes me think they'll be able to reduce the risk to help her avoid a reaction. I know accidents will happen, but I need to feel that she will be as safe as she possibly can be.

I know I must sound like a complete hypochondriac overprotective mother, but I really just want to know that she'll be safe.

I am desperate for her to start having a 'normal' life and to start something soon as it would be great to see her having fun like most other kids do.

Any info, good or bad about nurseries would be greatly apprecieated.

Many Thanks in advance and if there's anyone locally who is in a similar position, it would be great to hear from you.


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