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Nurseries in NW3

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Sillyoldme Fri 07-Jan-11 16:53:26

Hello. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a nursery in NW3? My dd is 14 months old and ultra clingy so I need somewhere that can deal with that and be quite nurturing. I'd ideally like somewhere small. Any experiences gratefully recieved!

Sillyoldme Mon 10-Jan-11 09:04:11


dns99 Mon 10-Jan-11 20:41:33

Clowns Nursery on North End Road apparently is very good. My DD will start in there this September.

Sillyoldme Wed 12-Jan-11 15:52:33

Thanks for the info DNS! How old will your DD be? How many days per week are you going for?

dns99 Fri 14-Jan-11 16:31:41

She'll be 15mo in September, and I'm going for 5 days/full time! Can't wait to go back to work PROPERLY! She's currently attending another nursery in the Golders Green area (NW11) which I'm not completely crazy about! Have you done some research on childminders in NW3? There are plenty!

Dorty Sat 16-Mar-13 01:19:19

Don't bother with Clowns nursery in Golders green. Despite reputation, it is pretty dodgy in there. Unfair classes allocation and arrogant /uncaring management. They are just after your money and NOT the welfare of the kids.
Pregnant mums ( potential for more business) or those living in the right postcode get best pick.
Look elsewhere if you care about your child's well being

racheyp Fri 05-Apr-13 19:47:21

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