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MrsDe Wed 22-Dec-10 13:59:50

Hi all,

I'm after a bit of advice.

My dd will be 3 in March and has been going to the Wetherell since she was 1. She was full time for a year but has only been there 2 or 3 days a week over the last year as I've been on mat leave with ds.

I am returning to work full time in April and due to a number of issues with dd's current nursery am thinking of moving her and have been looking at the Montesorri on the Park and the Ann Tayler Centre (her name has been down since June 08!).

Does anyone have any feedback on either of these nurseries?

Also, my dd is due to start at the Gatehouse in September 11 - am I mad to think about about moving her now and then again in September? I really don't like the thought of her being at the Wetherell full time from April. Or should I be thinking about childminders for both of them??

Any advice gratefully received!

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southernbreeze Sat 08-Jan-11 12:08:20

Hi MrsDe,

We have just moved out of Hackney where my 3 year old daughter was attending Rosemary Works EYC 4 full days. She was extremely happy there and we were sad to leave. I had taken her also to Ann Tayler Centre which was quite nice and she seemed to enjoy it although only to the play group.

Rosemary Works is also an Independent Primary School as it is Gatehouse. It could be a consideration so your daughter would not have to move at all...although I gather that you are quite set with your Gatehouse choice.

I must say I miss Rosemary Works and how happy my daughter was there.

Hope this assists!

MrsDe Mon 10-Jan-11 14:06:56

Thanks southernbreeze. Yes, I've heard good things about Rosemary Works but sadly it is that bit too far to make it viable with drop offs and pick ups.
We have made the choice to move her to Montesorri on the Park as haven't been able to get into the Anne Tayler Centre! She starts this week.
Thanks again,

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