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Nursery gifts?

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pugh Thu 02-Dec-10 16:20:06

DD (1yo) is in a lovely nursery (approx 3-4 days/wk since April)and staff v good. They have stayed open the last week despite facing severe weather& travel hassles themselves.In general v happy and feel fortunate to have her there.

I want to get them something small for Christmas. How much is appropriate to spend? I truelly think whatever they get paid is not enought for looking after our wee ones.

Any suggestions? Don't want to be over the top & will probably include a bit of home baking too.


cookielove Thu 02-Dec-10 17:09:43

Individual gifts are better than one whole, so something like vouchers, choclate, mugs, photo frames, e.t.c always go down well at my nursery. We get a hundred boxes of chocolates and bottles of wine (i have 4 bottles of wine sitting at home because i don't drink) mostly though.

mylittlemonkey Thu 02-Dec-10 18:13:59

I am prob going to bake something yummy for the staff in my DS's baby room to share and prob get a small something for his keyworker like £10-15 smellies set from boots or boots vouchers so she can buy herself. Like you i think they do a great job looking after our little ones and cant get paid much so i am happy to show appreciation at xmas.

pugh Thu 02-Dec-10 20:02:08

Thanks for the tips. Just wanted a ball park figure & something that is vaguely useful vs just sits on shelf. So good point bout the wine.

Will get baking &some goodies from Body shop/ boots.

Ho ho ho to all!

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