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Fees - what to do about massive increase.

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negrilbaby Thu 25-Nov-10 15:47:06

Found out yesterday that DS's nursery fees will increase from £58.95 per day to £80 per day from January. I can't believe a business can make such an extreme change in fees. Any advice, comments out there?

RockinRobinBird Thu 25-Nov-10 15:49:54

Wow, that's a big change. Has anything significant changed with the care they provide? I'm assuming not as you haven't mentioned it. How are they justifying it?

Don't know what to advise really so will lurk.

booyhoo Thu 25-Nov-10 15:53:36

yes, what is their jsutification for it? have tehy said that from january they will be providing state of teh art equipment, an on-site child psychologist and daily outings?

Rhian82 Thu 25-Nov-10 15:57:50

That's insane. Are there other nurseries in the area? Surely they can see that plenty of parents will go elsewhere rather than pay that?

MumInBeds Thu 25-Nov-10 16:00:00

How does that compare to other local places?

Have they said why, has some funding been pulled from them?

How old is your DS? Will he soon qualify for his free 15hours (term after turning 3)?

negrilbaby Thu 25-Nov-10 16:00:43

They have a new lease on the building. The main justification appears to be the fact that they haven't changed the fees for the last three years and the cost of living has gone up - but a 37% increase!! The part-time morning fee has gone up by 50%. Still in a complete state of shock and feeling very angry angry

booyhoo Thu 25-Nov-10 16:02:34

are there other nurseries you can look at? that is insane. surely they know this will drive people elewhere. how do tehy think people will find the money? it iell put some parents out of work tbh.

RockinRobinBird Thu 25-Nov-10 16:04:30

Ooh, can I just hijack for a moment, sorry.

I didn't think the funding after 3 had anything to do with daycare sort of nurseries, more pre-school IYSWIM. DD only goes to daycare 1 day a week. Does it apply to daycare then?

MumInBeds Thu 25-Nov-10 16:05:05

Sounds like they have had no choice if the lease has gone up - put fees up or go bust, there isn't usually much of a profit margin in nurseries.

MumInBeds Thu 25-Nov-10 16:06:09

Any Early Years setting can be registered for funding, many choose to, some don't.

gingernutlover Tue 30-Nov-10 07:23:50

where abouts is the nursery? Is that normal for the area? might be worth shopping around

i used to pay £55 a day for kent (very near london) but know london nurseries routinely charge £80

dietcokesholidaysarecoming Tue 30-Nov-10 07:28:48

Feel anger on your behalf. Definately explore other options.

CluckyKate Tue 30-Nov-10 07:47:02

RockinRobin - I think it depends on your nursery. At DD's nursery the funding provides a discount on the normal fees but doesn't quite cover a full 15 hours.

Sorry to hear about the fee increase OP - how incredibly frustrating, particularly since it gives you very little notice to find an alternative.
The only thing you can do is state your disappointment, explain your position and let them know that you will be looking at alternatives. I expect other parents will be doing the same!

HalfFrench Tue 30-Nov-10 11:04:47

To my great sadness, frustration and anger I have just found out that our lovely nursery is going to be closed. It is based in a Surestart Centre but due to cuts in the local borough and the need for more reception class places the nursery will no longer be provided in the centre.

We the parents feel like we have been completly cut loose by the LA with no information, no idea of notice period and seemingly no plan or options for getting our children into other nurseries. It seems we have no rights as this is not a statutory provision. Obviously this causing a great deal of stress as we all work and need childcare provision.

So can anyone tell me, do we have any rights at all in this type of situation? I am aware that many Surestart centres accross the country are likely to be under threat but can a service like this be withdrawn, seemingly without notice and without alternative provision, and we don't have any recourse or influence?


HalfFrench Tue 30-Nov-10 11:05:18

oops sorry meant to post a new thread ... apologies...

muddleduck Tue 30-Nov-10 11:13:33

TBH they are idiots for not putting up their fees each year. They've clearly got themselves into a financial hole by not doing this and they're looking to the parents to sort out the mess they are in.

Make sure you are at the front of the queues for others childcare options.

Can you write a collective letter signed by parents explaining that it will not be possible for you to cope with such a big change at such short notice and ask that they look to introducing the change over a longer timescale. I'd argue that unless they can do this you will be forced to leave or reduce hours. You're not going to win this battle on the basis of "it's not fair", but you might win on the basis of "you'll lose money if you try and force this through at such short notice"

coccyx Wed 22-Dec-10 22:00:41

3 years without a fee increase???

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