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Leapfrog/ Busy Bees London City nursery

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miffology Wed 17-Nov-10 15:49:28

Hi everyone

I'm thinking of starting my 18 month old son at the Leapfrog/ Busy Bees nursery in the City of London, as it is very convenient for work, and just wondered if anyone has any experience of this nursery?

I have visited the nursery and thought that the facilities looked good, and I've read the Ofsted report, but it would be fab to have first hand reports of what the place is really like.

Many thanks in advance.

geordieboy Wed 01-Dec-10 03:25:25


Not sure about this leapfrog nursery in paricular, but have used this company before and they are very profit driven, often cutting corners to save money, (food, equipment) also very high staff turnover, and low quailifed staff ratio. But this one maybe ok, just dig deep.

TejasGal Wed 08-Dec-10 10:24:53

Bump...I am interested too. I just saw this nursery today and would like to learn more about it from a parent's perspective.


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