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Little Rainbow Nursery - Stratford E15

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nightcap Mon 15-Nov-10 12:19:19

I've just moved to Stratford (London) and don't know any other parents here. My 22-month-old son is due to start at Little Rainbow Nursery in a couple of weeks - does anyone know this nursery?

I went for a visit a few weeks back and it seemed really nice, but would be good to have opinions from anyone whose child goes there...

Also does anyone know of any parent and toddler groups in the area (near Romford Rd)? I work part-time so would be nice to meet some other local parents!

lovingbeingamum Wed 17-Nov-10 14:00:26

Hi there, I also live in Stratford (moved here 12 years ago). I worked in central London until leaving work in february to have my first baby, a boy, who is now 7 months. I may be going back to work in Feb and am looking for nursery places too. Currently got appointments for visits to see Alphabet and Little Rainbow.
My boy is a lot younger than yours but so far I can recommend (for both ages) Rebecca Cheetham nursery for drop in on a Thursday morning and Atherton Leisure Centre for soft play on a Friday 0930 til 1100. We also go to the Library on a Friday at 2pm for singing. Rebecca Cheetham also have a weekly swimming trip on a Friday afternoon to Balaam St pool, I've been once and it was great. There is an instructor etc. I sometimes meet mums with older babies at Bumps and Babies on a Wednesday afternoon and will be looking for tips myself soon on the Movers and Cruisers type classes to replace the baby ones we attend now. Definitely try the Leisure Centre softplay as there a several mums with toddlers to meet.
Sorry I can't give opinions on the nurseries for childcare as I'm only just investigating this myself, but like you would love to hear from any mums who children go to nurseries in Stratford.
Although I've lived here for a long time, I really hadn't experienced anything the local community had to offer as I did all my work abd play elsewhere. I have to say I have been really impressed with the resources in Newham and have met some really lovely mums and made great friends.
Where have you moved from?

lovingbeingamum Wed 17-Nov-10 14:04:05

P.S I'm also off Romford Road - we should meet for coffee!

enjolraslove Thu 02-Dec-10 21:24:57

hi both

I too live in stratford with a (nearly) 18 month old. she goes to nursery near my work so unfortunately cannot help there but would love to get to know more local baby/toddler stuff. very, very luckily I have a snow day tomorrow so hopefully will give the soft play a try. maybe even the library if we keep up the energy.
maybe (hopefully) see you there?!

one thing I can offer is the deanery rd children's centre stay and plays (there are many) are lovely. i have been to the sat morning one which is nice and my partner has been to 'messy play' 'colours and sounds' and various others during the week and also really enjoyed them.
getting their info seems to be tricky without calling in there though.

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