Scribbles Nursery - East Finchley

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tulip1978 Mon 15-Nov-10 10:01:39

I am hoping to go back to work in May next year and I have registered my daughter with the Rocking Horse Nursery. I am also thinking of adding her to the waiting list for Scribbles Nursery.

I am really worried that I have left it to late to get on at either of these nurseries. Does anyone know what the waiting list is like for Scribbles Nursery?


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pickcherries Mon 15-Nov-10 21:09:56

i dont know much but scribbles, but the Rocking Horse have a extremely long waiting list especially for their 1-2 room how old will your daughter be?
magic2 will be opening in april behind tesco finchley central if your interested

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