Childcare Grant - is it going?!

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pixipie151 Wed 29-Sep-10 20:37:10

My 18m DD is at nursery. A friend has told me that the 15 hours free childcare is going if it hasn't already. Does anyone know what the government has done or planning to do about this benefit?

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MumInBeds Wed 29-Sep-10 20:39:54

The 15 hours a week, 38 weeks a year from the age of 3 isn't going as far as I know and I work in Early Years.

sookie1980 Wed 29-Sep-10 20:41:44

my dd is 3 and 8 moths and gets this money from the government but it only applies for your child from the first term after they turn 3.also most nurseries do not give you the full 15 hours still have to pay some money but not the whole lot.

MumInBeds Wed 29-Sep-10 20:46:15

That said, your nursery may have opted out - a number of places are doing so as the grant doesn't cover running costs. You would need to ask them directly.

pixipie151 Wed 29-Sep-10 20:58:32

Thanks so much for your advice ladies, that's very reassuring! phew!

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