DC's nursery to be taken over by Asquith / KidsUnlimited staff - any experience of these chains?

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gingernutlover Mon 18-Oct-10 14:42:04

my dd went to an asquith nursery from 11 months til the beginning of sept when she turned 5 and started school.

It had its own cook, fantastic staff and i certainly felt it had a real family ethos - so all the things you list in your OP.

I think a lot is down to the nursery manager, as there are 3 asquiths in our area and I didnt like the other 2 at all, whereas dd's nursery was the one that gave me a positive feeling. She was very happy there and I hated her having to leave.

What in particular are you worried about? A good nursery manager would be happy to discuss your concerns.

Quiltingmama Sun 17-Oct-10 11:08:00

worried is the nursery in Gloucestershire? If so I think its the one I am just about to send DS2 to (tomorrow). Did you find out any more? Must say the lack of info from said individuals is woeful.

onimolap Sun 26-Sep-10 22:10:12

I posted on your other thread. I experienced an ever worsening situation, and removed my DCs.

namning Sun 26-Sep-10 22:07:36

I worked for Asquith during the this CEO's reign...he was fantastic!!

mnistooaddictive Sun 26-Sep-10 10:49:13

Both my DD went to Asquith - they were fab! It is expensive £48 per day in the south. All the nurseries in this area are about the same though and it is worth it!

maxpower Sat 25-Sep-10 20:05:37

my DD's been in an asquith nursery for 3 years - we love it and will be sending DC2 there. It is a bit expensive but they have their own in house cooks, they pay their staff above minimum wage and IME really know the children.

duckyfuzz Sat 25-Sep-10 20:00:25

our twins went to an asquith nursery from 2004-2007 and werre very happy there


worriedaboutnursery Sat 25-Sep-10 19:52:29

(Also posted in pre-school education thread)

We got a letter today from the owner of the DC's lovely nursery, telling us that the nursery is to be taken over by three individuals, who google reveal to be a former CEO of Asquith nurseries and one from KidsUnlimited.

I've just been googling both chains and looking at Ofsted reports and I have a sinking feeling. We send our DS2 (and did send DS1) to a lovely suburban independent nursery, with its own nursery cook, and a warm family ethos.

These three individuals seemed to be running a conference this summer with topics including how to raise fees without alienating parents and tackling efficiency savings and costs.

DC3 is due on 1st October, and supposed to start nursery on 1st April 2011. Please can you give me your experience of Asquith and KidsUnlimited nurseries so I can work out what to do.

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