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Wee Care Day Nursery SW17-any experience?

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sma1981 Thu 04-Jul-13 08:54:57

Hi there, my son goes to Wee Care and has done for the past year. They are a wonderful team with a great standard of care. He is very happy there and I would thoroughly recommend it. The staff also offer a "babysitting delivery service" my name for it, not theirs! Which basically means for an extra fee if you live close by they will take your child home, get them ready for bed and babysit for you - we have used this a couple of times when my husband and I go out after work together. They really keep a close eye on development, give you a round up of the kind of day they've had everyday and are very kind and caring members of staff, lovely to chat to. They also do lots of art and crafts and play based around diffferent themes, seasons, holidays, chinese new year, he's forever coming home with paintings and drawings it's so sweet. We are very happy with it there. It's not the most fancy and the toys and equipment are a bit tatty but honestly the kids don't care at all and they do their best to keep everything clean. Don't worry about ofsted, The ofsted review for Teddys in Balham was top notch but I went there and saw some worrying lapses in attention to detail when it came to the attitude of the staff to the kids and hated it. It's a gut feel thing. Good luck. xx

racheyp Fri 05-Apr-13 19:59:59

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Jo1211 Sun 20-Jan-13 22:55:49

Hi there, our baby is due in July 2013 so still very early days for childcare but this nursery is only a few doors down from our flat. So I'd be really interested in hearing from anyone that is using it now or recently? Or any views on other nurseries in the area? I also am a little put off by the Ofsted report but realise it was a long time ago now and a lot could change. Anybody any recommendations of what we should be looking for, it's all a bit new to us!!! Thanks.

SFMc Sat 30-Apr-11 08:51:13

Thanks for this feedback I am considering this nursery and had some concerns. Mainly the latest Ofsted report (from 2008 I think) which listed a complaint about the fire alarms not working, mouse droppings, and unhygenic disposal of nappies. All obviously were addressed but these sound like some major issues. The nursery also only received a satisfactory rating across the board.

I went to visit it and the staff seem good, engaged and friendly. I liked how big the baby room was. The setting looked a little bit chaotic and a bit shabby in places (some tape patches on a cot in the sleeping room).

I'm glad you added your comments as it is a bit more reassuring. Other than a 30 minute visit, the Ofsted report is the only thing to be relied on (I don't mind minor complaints about paperwork etc). Personal recommendations are always best though.
But I assume you have no complaints! They have space for my son and I am really not sure what do to. The Ofsted report made me uneasy.

BellsOnHerToes Mon 18-Apr-11 13:01:16

Hi there, I'm assuming I'm far too late providing information for you with your post over 9 months ago but I thought I'd reply in case anyone else is interested. Our old daughter joined Wee Care in January this year at 11 months and I cannot rate them highly enough! Maggie is our daughter's keyworker and is also in charge of the under 2yr olds and is quite simply wonderful! She is so in tune with the babies needs and cares for them as if they are her own. All the other girls are lovely also and our daughter geniunely enjoys every second she is there. I hope this helps.


motherofone15 Tue 03-Aug-10 17:44:05

I have just been to see Wee Care Day nursery on Beechcroft Road in SW17 and liked it. I'd really love to hear from any mums who have had children there or have heard anything about it. There is no website and I can't find out much info on the internet-Many thanks!

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