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Noahs Ark nursery- wood green any good?

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Angie84 Sun 01-Aug-10 22:56:44

My 1 yr old is due to start the nursery in a month and would like to know if anyone has there children at the nursery or thought about putting there children in this nursery. Im asking as I feel the outside space is very small very very small and have some concerns with the lack of space. Please let me know if you have any feed back about this nursery. Thanks

leeloo1 Mon 02-Aug-10 07:46:00

I was at Wood Green library (children's bit) 2 weeks ago and it was heaving with children (who were just running in circles) and some bored uninterested looking mums sitting round on the chairs chatting with their shopping bags and ignoring the kids...

...or so I thought until they got up and said 'time to go back for lunch' and 1 of them had a Noah's Ark Nursery t-shirt on.

It could just have been a bad moment, perhaps they were very engaged and hands-on with the children (perhaps reading books or engaging with/extending their role play in the house?) but thats not the impression I got. sad I guess at least they had taken them out for a 'trip'.

It also seemed odd that just after they left the library had a short story session, which it would have made sense for the children to stay and enjoy?!

My only other experience with Noah's Ark was a mum, whose child has been there for a few months, came to see me because she wasn't that happy with her child being there (I'm a Childminder), but sadly I was too far away for her to commute. She said her little boy loved being outside and she didn't feel he was outside enough and that he didn't seem very stimulated.

Sorry, that probably isn't very reassuring to you... but if your gut instinct is worrying you then maybe look at some other places? Bowes Park is meant to be a bit better? Or Woodside is worth putting your name on their waiting list as fab when the children do get in.

Angie84 Mon 02-Aug-10 22:23:28

Thank you for the feed back. It is mainly the space that is putting me off. Im not too worried about her not being stimulated as she will only be there 2 days a week but its alot of money for them to do the same thing her grandmother does but worst! By the way her gran is amazing at educating her and keeping her stimulated-18mths old but she is very active so she wont keep still for too long.
I did have her name on woodside but everytime i went to check where she was on the list it kept getting further and further back- so didnt bother with it any more. Looked at Bowes Park but they were all a bit too young and the babies and toddlers looked bored and it was even more expensive than this nursery. And it looked a bit messy - i did go towards the end of the day though.
Any other good nurseries that you know of?

leeloo1 Tue 03-Aug-10 18:11:09

I had a friend who's little one recently went to Orange (Turnpike Lane) and apparently loved it, she only moved because they moved to Enfield. I think it might be a bit dearer than Bowes Pk though?

My friend's little boy just got into Woodside - they were told it'd be an 18mth waiting list, so they went to Bowes Pk in the meantime, but a place came up for him after 6mths(ish). I think if you can be flexible about days then a place is likely to come up there more quickly.

Sorry not to be of more help, I wasn't entirely happy with any of the local nurseries (Woodside definitely best by a long way as far as I can tell but they didn't do the hours I needed), which is why I decided to change career and stay at home with my DS. As you say though, at least its only 2 days pw, and fab that your gran can help out.

Angie84 Tue 03-Aug-10 22:17:10

Thanks for the advice! I will look into Orange turnpike lane nursery.

I was told she had a 2yr wait at woodside and as i dont live walking distance she didnt have priority. I was so flexible with dates and everything. Went to the stay and play sessions in the hope that it might help her get a place but nothing it was always 2 more months etc never mind.

I will see how she gets on at Noah's Ark.

I didnt think of doing childcare also but right now to do career change wouldnt be the right time but i will be sure to do something before she starts school cause there is no way im missing picking her up from school.

Was really nice to get some feed back from you Leeloo1

leeloo1 Thu 05-Aug-10 15:03:04

Aww, you're very welcome. The parents who visited me did stick with Noah's Ark in the end, so they clearly weren't that unhappy with it. grin

shisho Sat 07-May-11 08:55:53

I was just reading your comments above and I just had to say that Noah's Ark is a BRILLIANT nursery and I couldnt be happier with the progress I've seen with my child.
I was a little concerned about the garden size at first, but the Manager assured me that they make the most of the large play area within their nursery to allow children to have physical play activities. I work in wood green and I have often seen children and babies out with the staff and have seen great care and communication whilst being out on their travels so maybe a misjudgment on leeloo1 opinion maybe?

Midgetm Wed 27-Jul-11 15:41:59

My daughter has been there for over a year now. I think there are many things they could do better but the children seem happy and secure there which IMO in the most important thing. They did used to watch a bit of TV when the younger ones were sleeping but thank goodness the TV broke so that put an end to that. All in all I am happy with the nursery and more importantly so is my daughter. She never cries when I leave her and sometimes doesn't want to leave when I collect her. Developmentally I think my daughter is doing well for her age and she is confident socially and made really good friends. It won't win any awards but it is well managed, convenient and reasonable. Just wanted to post this even though the thread was old as it may help others when researching the options. (I found Woodside a nightmare - lost my applications etc and Bowes Park and then Orange too expensive).

Picks123 Sat 13-Oct-12 13:49:16

My little one has been attending Noahs Ark for a few months. Took her a while to settle which at first was a bit worrying for me but now she loves it smile
I'm so pleased with her progress so far and I have to say the staff are all so lovely. The Manager is very nice and always so hands on, I couldn't be happier.

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