PAID - Casting call for parents/families with Primary aged kids!

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MEDIA: [AUTO]5fqdfkkty3xjx Sat 06-Feb-21 16:54:54

Lizardfish TV is a production company based in Manchester, specialising in education content. We're looking to cast families/parents with primary aged children in our production of 'Super Tutors'

A little bit about the project:
We’ve gathered tutors across the UK who are experts in their retrospective fields. These topics cover anything from children’s nutrition to home organisation and time saving with children. We’re looking for families and parents of all backgrounds to submit their questions, challenges, or issues that they have at home with their kids. The super tutors will answer these questions and provide helpful solutions that could help thousands of other parents across the UK.

This project doesn’t require any previous filming experience, and we’ll only need you to record yourself via your mobile phone.

For more information, contact:

Deadline is Monday 8th Feb 2021

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ChancesWhatChances Sat 06-Feb-21 17:21:06

Do these tutors have qualifications in the field of child development and education?

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