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MEDIA: Deepak Tue 05-Jan-21 11:13:17

I hope everyones keeping nice and safe during lockdown. We want to understand how your child reads so we're giving £10 Amazon vouchers for parents of children aged up to 10 to participate in a 45 minute e-coffee interview where we talk about:

- Reading (both reading to your child and any independent reading they do)
- The types of books you choose for your children
- The types of children's books your children enjoy
- Representation of your ethnicity or culture in children's books.

The format is simple:

- Register your interest with this extremely short interest survey
- We will pick 20 people who answer to progress to the 45 minute e-coffee where we will dive deeper into your childrens reading habits.
- Everyone who completes an interview will be given a £10 Amazon Gift card.

Many thanks,

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