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WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY - looking for contributions (words of wisdom) for a beautiful new book.

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MEDIA: Kissthegirl Thu 27-Aug-20 20:15:14

Hi everyone.

I would so love your help on a personal project I'm working on.

Mumsnet has been such a big part of my life for many years that I thought I'd come to you, first and foremost.

I'm putting together an anthology - 'The Mother's Pearl'.

It's to be a celebratory collection of pearls of wisdom and worldly advice from mothers to their children, (ie you and your mum!) be it at any stage in your life.

There are 2 questions for you to consider - either one or both if you can:

a) What memorable piece of advice/pearls of wisdom did your mother give you that stood you in good stead?

b) If relevant, as a mother or stepmother, what pieces of advice are you yourself passing on to your children?

The advice given might be quirky, inspirational, practical, moving, heartfelt, or simply hilarious.

And on any subject eg appearance, health, career, money, friendships, marriage, cooking,household, anything!

Eg Mum told me to make sure I never marry a man who got out of bed after me (check!👍🏻)

And towards my late teens, she made me drink a glass of milk to line my stomach before I went out for the night! I still do if it's a potential bender on the horizon! 😂

It's open to anyone and everyone - across the generations. Do spread the word to friends and family if you'd like to - that would be amazing.

Maybe ask your partner what worldly advice his mother gave him. I have 4 daughters so boys are a bit alien to me 👀but I do see for myself the special relationship and influence mothers have on their sons!

I'm hoping to have enough content to create a really beautiful book of inspirational tips and advice in time for Mother's Day next March.

Most importantly, I will be donating a percentage of the sales towards the Alzheimer's Society, who of course do an amazing behind-the-scenes incredible job. It's a charity very close to my heart as both my parents have this form of dementia.

If you would like to be part of this precious tribute to our mothers, please send me your contributions to me at:

Thank you everyone - huge and grateful thanks for any of your precious contributions.

Claire xx💜

Mum to Eliza (28) Isabelle (25) Georgina (14) and Rosa (12)

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LilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 11-Sep-20 18:05:52

Hello Clare,

Thanks so much for posting this.

Originally, this was shared in non-members but it received no responses, and we'd like to help a mumsnetter out where possible.

We hope chat provides some more traffic - we'll move back to non members shortly. flowers

TimeIhadaNameChange Fri 11-Sep-20 18:25:49

What a lovely idea! I'll have a think.

TheGirlOnTheLanding Fri 11-Sep-20 18:39:48

I'm lucky enough to still have my mum, and probably appreciate her advice much more now than I did when it was given to me as a child or teenager! The two most valuable pieces of advice she gave me were never to let the sun set on an argument (or at least never to go to bed still angry) and, when I had my own children, this too will pass. They might be well-worn clichés but they are clichés for a reason.

Good luck with the project: I hope you raise lots of money for this very worthy cause.

Lugubelenus Fri 11-Sep-20 19:06:42

Advice I have given to my own DD, when she was a terribly shy 16yo, starting her first Saturday job, and absolutely terrified was 'fake it til you make it.' In other words, pretend you are confident, competent and outgoing until you actually are. It's not about pretending to be qualified in something you're not or lying on your CV, but learning to behave like the happy outgoing person you want to be.

My granny always told me to moisturise from my forehead to my bosom wink and to always take my make up off before bed. Even though she died a decade ago (with beautiful skin), I still do as she told me.

My mum's advice was to always keep the kitchen and bathroom hygienically clean and worry about the rest of the house later. It cut down on a lot of stress when the children were small.

Crankley Fri 11-Sep-20 19:29:44

May I ask what percentage of the proceeds from the book will go to charity?

It seems a nice and easy way to write a book, by other people providing you with the content.

Kissthegirl Sat 12-Sep-20 12:07:57

Hi - thank you so much for being supportive - that really means a lot. Yes please do contact me with your words and if you could possibly copy and share my post with your friends or just word of mouth really that would be amazing. I’m not awash with responses yet (I think we simply get distracted by the dailies don’t we?) ) so any help to spread the word would be brilliant. I’ll look out for your piece and be in touch. Have a lovely weekend. xx

Kissthegirl Sat 12-Sep-20 12:11:01

That’s just lovely - and perfect - all of it! Thank you so much for your precious words - very wise words too. They make perfect sense - pat on the back to you, lovely Mum! I’ll be in touch - thank you again and have a super weekend. x

Kissthegirl Sat 12-Sep-20 12:21:10

Well it’s a anthology - a collection, and I suppose it’s not ground breaking to try and put together a collection of people’s thoughts. More hard work than you think though - not a simple cut and paste job. it’s taking up a lot of my time already despite it being a slow burner and I have 4 daughters and a full time job plus the dailies. So please please don’t be too harsh - it’s not a get rich quick scheme. I don’t wish to make any commitment at this stage as to a percentage. But I do raise money for charities which I believe is a good thing. And I may only have enough content for a small flyer - who knows!

Coffeeandcrumpet Sat 12-Sep-20 12:42:21

My god mother told me that

"there are 2 sides to every story and somewhere in the middle you will find the truth."

I often think of this. Good luck with your book, the charity is also very close to my heart as my own mother has Alzheimers.

PineappleUpsideDownCake Sat 12-Sep-20 12:46:16

Whats "the dailies"?

Decentsalnotime Sat 12-Sep-20 12:48:04

What percentage to AS charity OP?

Glenthebattleostrich Sat 12-Sep-20 12:53:34

When you make a decision make sure it's the right one for you because that's the only person you have to live with forever.

Kissthegirl Sat 12-Sep-20 13:38:34

Hi there - thank you - very much. Are these words from your mother and/or words you’re passing on to your children? They would really stand them in good stead!

Kissthegirl Sat 12-Sep-20 13:43:09

Ah - the dailies. The dailies (from a song by my beloved The Jam) are the usual daily things we have to unloading the dishwasher, children to school, feeding them, whatever our own daily stuff is...that’s the dailies! 😃

PineappleUpsideDownCake Sat 12-Sep-20 14:04:13

Ah I've never heard that before! I was thinking in terms of the daily papers and wondering why people would be busy with them!

Decentsalnotime Sat 12-Sep-20 17:43:28


You have been asked by two different posters and have not responded.

What percentage are you giving to charity?

Kissthegirl Sat 12-Sep-20 18:17:55

In my post above i’ve explained my thoughts about proceeds. Like I say, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme - I’m doing ok in my life to be fair. I just had a spark of an idea because of my lovely mum and how she’s guided me and simply felt other people might want to share their own mothers words of wisdom. No ruthless smash and grab intended here I can assure you. Have a lovely evening.

Fairyfellowsmasterstroke Sat 12-Sep-20 18:34:35

My late father had a wonderful saying:-

"An ounce of help is worth a tonne of sympathy"

In other words the little acts of practical support that people can perform for you are worth so much more than the outpourings of verbosity that are often so shallow and meaningless.

I always try to do something practical to support others in their times of need - no matter how small the act I feel it's often valued so much more than just uttering or posting empty platitudes.

TrickyD Sat 12-Sep-20 18:38:17

‘Never trust a man whose eyes are too close together’ my Mum used to say.

nectarina Sat 12-Sep-20 20:14:41

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Kissthegirl Sat 12-Sep-20 21:07:10

Short and sweet and not a little hilarious!! 😂Thank you very much for sharing it with me x

bluebluezoo Sat 12-Sep-20 21:09:14

So basically we are writing your book for you?

tenlittlecygnets Sat 12-Sep-20 21:18:52

Who's the 'wonderful opportunity' for?

After you have all the contributions (from other people? What will your contribution be?), you will need to order the text into sections, then pay for the book to be copy edited.

Then you will need it to be designed and typeset, then proofread, then printed.

Then you will need to market it, and pay for postage to buyers.

Will you be including the names of people who give you contributions?

You will need to source all the above services too.

You have a lot to think about.

Mother's Day might be pushing it, depending on how many contributions you get here!

Kissthegirl Sat 12-Sep-20 21:36:03

Hi - an anthology Is a collection of people’s poems, thoughts etc - contributions by people who wish to be part of something, hopefully special. This is nothing new. Just to say it’s not a simple case of cut and paste any contributions. It’s going to be hard work putting it together I can assure you. I’m now becoming horribly anxious I’ve opened up a Pandora’s box for myself. I have no idea if I’ll have enough interest for a pamphlet or something more, to be honest. If it does go well I’m going to donate potentially 50% of any profits to Alzheimer’s Society whatever that may be. This is actually a labour of love (I have 4 daughters, a full time job and 2 parents with Alzheimer’s. As a matter of fact my father walked out the door for 2 hours earlier this evening and the police thank goodness brought him home. This is the first time ever and he’s going downhill rapidly. I’m not saying this for a sympathy vote I’m saying it because the charity is close to my heart. I’m doing this with the very best of intentions and am not putting a pistol to people’s heads to contribute. If anyone wishes to be part of it then that’s so lovely - if not then that’s fine too. All’s good - well at least I thought it was until I read some comments - but it’s free speech - I understand that.

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