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NEW DADS!!! NHS and UOB research study looking for dads to fill in an anonymous online questionnaire

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MEDIA: NHSResearch Mon 29-Jun-20 23:20:08

We are looking for dads with an infant under the age of 6 months to take part in an online research study

What are we researching and why?

Intrusive thoughts are defined as thoughts or images that enter our mind that are often disturbing, alarming or just flat out weird. Some people can find these thoughts very distressing, however intrusive thoughts are actually completely normal. Research has shown us that these thoughts are particularly common amongst new mothers and this knowledge has helped healthcare professionals know how to work with new mothers who are distressed by these thoughts, offering them reassurance and support to help them cope.

Most of the research into intrusive thoughts for new parents has focused on mothers, however there is evidence to suggest that a similar pattern of thoughts may also be common in new fathers. At present there are very few resources available to support new dads and we’re hoping that the findings of this research could potentially impact on funding and support for new dads in the future.

Can you take part?

You can take part if:
- You are over the age of 18 years.
- You were born male, and currently identify as male.
- You consider yourself to be a ‘father’ to an infant. You do not have to be the biological or legal father of the infant.
- You have become a ‘father’ to an infant born within the last 6 months.
- Your infant was born ‘full term’ (which is between 37 and 42 weeks).
- You consider your infant to be in good health.

How do you take part?

The research is being conducted completely anonymously using an online questionnaire that will take around 15 minutes to complete. We will not ask you for any personally identifiable details (name, address, contact details) and nobody will know that you have taken part, not even the researchers.

For more information and to access the questionnaire, please use the following link

Contact details: Alison Helliwell (study lead),, 0121 414 6296.

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